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Thread: Broke up once- broke up again!

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    i am 23 years old and been in relationship for almost 3 years. We have had our ups and downs. From past one year his behaviour became hurting and abusing. So as a result we broke up. Just before our breakup, my parents came to know about him and refused because of different caste (though we broke up due to our issues only). though i never stopped loving him. i was just hurt beacuse of his reckless behaviour and disapproval from my parents.
    He came back apologizing for his mistakes and after his instant efforts for straight 3 months, i finally said yes. I started giving another chance to our revived relationship with all my heart. Now just after 15 days since we got back together, he brokeup with me!! saying that i was right all along and we dont belong together. i dont understand this. I am confused and devestated. please help me.

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    Hi, you know, it may be best to distance yourself a bit from this affair- there are too many negatives and I really can't see many positives. your parents don't approve; he's a abusive person- erratic too- so well, may as well take a hard look at this relationship and think about if you really want to be a part of it.
    See, if a situation gives you more pain than happiness, then it loses its own purpose, no? So, do give it a re-think.

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    no need to think about him need to be confused...he was an idiot game over....

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    Agreed with Preeto mam...Nothing positive in this relation.End it up.He doesn't deserve you!

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    Some people are third time lucky. In your case, it is fortunately the 2nd time itself. In my assessment, he got back with you only to get back at you and have the last word. He seems to have done it simply to bolster his ego.

    You should simply move on. Good luck

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    look its useless in getting with someone who just find breakup up a relationship similar to games... or a joke... on top of that your parents already made it clear they wont like him so why r you trying to get on with him.. move on..
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