’90s Rapper Update: Vanilla Ice is Now Selling Lighting Fixtures

What the hell is Vanilla Ice up to these days now that he's not living in a VH1 house with Ron Jeremy or the dwarf from the Austin Powers movies?

Making bank remodeling houses in South Florida and launching a lighting business, that's what. Go ninja, go ninja, go!
Ice has teamed up with Capital lighting to release a signiture series of chandeliers and wall sconces under the URL, get ready for it... lightslightsbaby.com Boom! Business puns, baby!

I gotta admit, Vanilla Ice really took his image, which in the late '90s was just a bad joke, and totally used it to launch himself into a lucrative new career. You don't see Snow launching any million dollar start-ups, do you? The '90s was full of one hit wonders, many of who are still trotting out that one hit at the opening of shopping centers or working their way up the frialator ladder at Burger King.
As silly as the concept may seem, the guy does have some nice looking lights. They'd go perfect with my Biz Markie oriental rug. Kuddos, Ice.
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