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Thread: I loose my temper easily

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    overcome anger

    Default I loose my temper easily

    I am a 24 year old guy working as a mgmt trainee.I have always maintained a calm demeanor when at work in order to concentrate on and give a productive and quality output at work.Once I come home,I find it difficult to maintain this calm demeanor .I go out for early morning jog maintain that keeps me positive and fresh.I also maintain a hostility log to keep a check on my temper but yet I end up loosing my temper over small things.I have seen a lot of failures this past 1 year and that has kind of led me to frustration at times.I really would like to maintain the same temperament that I have when at work.I don't want to shout at my loved ones in the process and hurt them as well and I feel really bad after shouting at them.

    Kindly give me some suggestions to keep a check on my temper.

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    Hi! Its great that you know that you have anger issues and are actually taking steps to work on them. Its early on in life that you have realised this and though you may have faced some failures, but your positive steps in this direction and your realisation of your failures, are going to stand you in good stead.
    Keep at it, the failures will keep you fueled. It would also be good if you would identify what makes you angry at home. maybe you wann to have some time to yourself after you return from work- maybe there's a gym you can go to right after work to work out the day a bit....just see what bugs you and then work on resolving that.

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    be patient when you reach home...ignore the small things which turn on the heat....

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    I also lose my temper easily when I am home. Outside, I am a chicken. The reason is that I love people at my home and I am very close with them.. so I am a bit spoiled kid. I always take them for granted. If you are the same, then it's fine.

    If you are more than that and throw stuff at them, physically abuse them or go to a dangerous level, then go for counseling.

    P.S. I have noticed that many people make a loose vs. lose mistake in this forum. At least 5 posts in a month

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    Default Hello management trainee

    Try getting your head shaved.

    Get a tattoo on the back of your head which reads TNT.

    That'll do the trick.

    You'll never lose temper at home!
    आपका अपना,
    Gudu Gudu ರಿಟರ್ನ್ಸ್

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    People use loose instead of lose, because most of them who come here have either lost it or about to lo(o)se it. It also applies to those Virgins who think they've become loose after they lose it.

    Yoga and transcendental meditation, Cold showers, self-flagellation, Vegan and non-spicy diet, Carnatic Classical Music, Floating on water, Mountain climbing would help reduce your temper.

    Watching Ram Gopal Verma movies, Ekta Kapoor serials, any reality show which has Rahul Mahajan, eating Red meat, Srilankan food, alcohol, cigarettes, honey glazed pork-ribs, listening to Heavy Metal are bound to increase your temper

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