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    Hi ma'am,

    I'm a guy from a small town named Gandhidham,Gujarat. My problem is about my future. there have been lot of problems after I passed out my Graduation in the year 2008. I took a drop from studies for 2 years due to preparation for my entrances.This was mainly because I wanted to get into a top notch institute in Gujarat, mainly because of my family background.but after wasting 2 years, I did my PGDM in HR and passed out last year.I'm already 25 and am not able to find a job. My mom passed away 2 years back and m the only son of my people are eager to see me getting married but I can't until and unless I find a good job and see myself well settled. The thing that bothers me is everyone around me is having a good job or are getting married. this falls upon me. I see myself as a loser and again these social stigmas are harassing me that if you don't get married at a particular age, you won't find a good girl later on.This has been bothering me since many months. I know that I can do it.I have seen my cousin getting married at the age of 29 and that too to a good and educated girl, but still I can't take my mind off of these stupid stigmas. PLease help me out ma'am.

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    Get out of the small city.. you will get rid of stigmas. You still have 3-4 years before you seriously start thinking of marriage. Whatever the family issue is, you definitely need to find an alternative. Make connections, get referrals, talk to recruiters, post your resume on job websites.. I mean do whatever the normal people do to get a job. One day you will get it. There are tens of thousands of graduates in India who are in an exactly same situation as you. You are not a kid and no one can force you into marriage. Don't bother about social stigmas and people speaking.. they will keep on speaking. A saw has teeth on one of its edges, people are saw which cuts from both the edges. If you get married right now, they will say this guy is an arse and he got married without making a career. Be confident, believe in yourself, and live on your own terms, walk with your head held high.
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    Getting out of your city will not solve this issue. It will only add the already bustling population in metros. So please dont. We cant take it anymore.

    Anyways, you are interested in finding a job and earn a decent living. So that should remain your priority. You know your situation and targets more than anyone else.

    None of these so-called match makers will help you out before/after marriage in any way.

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    Dude, you have a good education, and will find a good job sooner than later. Just know where to look and how to look for one. Regarding marriage, do know that the average age for male with a high degree tends to be in the late 20s. So you have time in your favour. Just explore life, take risks and enjoy what you have. You wont be young twice.

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    Dude,you must visit Gandhidham once, People living here feel no need/urge to move to metros! We're happy here!

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