so this is a huge story, I'm 13 (male) and I started smoking about a year ago (plz don't tell me smoking is bad or that i have to quit) So anyways, i'm preety good at hiding it, i don't smoke in public places neither at home ,i've found a place to hide my packs and lighter and i always have a chewgum with me. The problem is tho, i made a HUUUUUUGE mistake, I ''accidentally'' told some people I smoke and now somehow almost half of the school knows! They're sometimes teasing me by telling me things like ''hey smoker, where are your cigs'' and **** like that and some of them even blackmail me at times. Now i'm scared that when my mom will come to school for whatever reason these kids will still tease me in front of her and i even worry that someone will go ahead and tell her off!!! It's my biggest worry, it has ruined my life, i always had depression and anxiety issues but this time it's become very serious! I need help because i can't live like this, today i spent one of the school breaks in the toilet crying and thinking about killing myself! I don't know what to do to stop them, do you think they'll tell my mom? like seriously i need help!