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Thread: Will my mom find out i smoke?

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    Default Will my mom find out i smoke?

    so this is a huge story, I'm 13 (male) and I started smoking about a year ago (plz don't tell me smoking is bad or that i have to quit) So anyways, i'm preety good at hiding it, i don't smoke in public places neither at home ,i've found a place to hide my packs and lighter and i always have a chewgum with me. The problem is tho, i made a HUUUUUUGE mistake, I ''accidentally'' told some people I smoke and now somehow almost half of the school knows! They're sometimes teasing me by telling me things like ''hey smoker, where are your cigs'' and **** like that and some of them even blackmail me at times. Now i'm scared that when my mom will come to school for whatever reason these kids will still tease me in front of her and i even worry that someone will go ahead and tell her off!!! It's my biggest worry, it has ruined my life, i always had depression and anxiety issues but this time it's become very serious! I need help because i can't live like this, today i spent one of the school breaks in the toilet crying and thinking about killing myself! I don't know what to do to stop them, do you think they'll tell my mom? like seriously i need help!

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    Hi kid,

    look. your mom finding out is the least of your worries- the thing is that you think that smoking is cool and don't want to give it up. For goodness sake- don't be such a baby! Only silly children-very immature ones- think that smoking makes them adult and cool.
    Hiding in the school loo and crying is not the answer. If i were you. id tell my mom that I tried out a few cigarettes just to see how it felt and then swear never to do it again. Thats the only smart thing to do. Kick the butt, my dear- that's smart. Don't, please, be stupid, will you?

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    as she said,smoking is never the coolest thing..esp for someone in his early teenage..give up smoking asap..divert your attention when you have the temptation to have numerous least start collecting game cds and spend time gaming..or engage in anything you'll gradually succeed in overcoming this problem..

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    This is a prime age where you need to get your sense of discrimination right,what is right for you and what is not.What is relavant for you and what is not. as that determines the person you become in the long try and be with right people and try and cultivate the right attitude for your own good.

    Live ur lyf lyk U r the director of a movie.Can’t control 100% ,roll wid the punches as if U were calling the shots.

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    tell your mother straight away before someone else rings door bell....there will be a little bit of scolding but it will be for your own good...

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    She will find it out. For sure. Start preparing on how you will handle the situation once she learns about it.

    Else just quit and destroy all the proofs... so that even if somebody tells her, they will not be able to prove.

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    Am surprised at the way you asked us for selective advice. You are just 13, started smoking at the age of 12 and you are asking us for a way out how not to be caught by mom?

    You are scared of the fact that mom might find it out and scold you but ever tried to think why she might shout at you?

    One thing you should get it clear in your head my friend. As long as you continue smoking, this fear of 'getting caught' will keep bothering you. As person above suggested, even before someone could actually inform your mom, quit smoking. If not, this fear will haunt you all the while.

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    I am a smoker for 14 years ... and trust me mom's easily find out . She knows you from childhood and knows how u feel, look and smell. She is bound to know some or the other day ... Accept it

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    i wish she does asap
    "Amdavadi" yane ke jo Am di vadita karte hain ...

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    Smoking at 12 Cool man, why don't you try drug, weeds ect. they are more cooler, infact they will make you look AC. And why bothering about silly issue of Mom will know or dad will know, all are rubbish, forget all these & finish things off
    let it rain over me....

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    At 13 I was just hitting asdfgf lkjhgh

    You've typed a full page !

    You fast.

    By this pace you'll be father of a kid by 15 !

    Slow down kid.

    Ah, mom's find out smoking kids fast, superfast!

    Better stop it now!

    Or you'll end up being a dad by 15!
    आपका अपना,
    Gudu Gudu ರಿಟರ್ನ್ಸ್

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