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Thread: I'll be known as first actor to kiss on TV: Ram Kapoor

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    Default I'll be known as first actor to kiss on TV: Ram Kapoor

    I'll be known as first actor to kiss on TV: Ram Kapoor

    Mumbai, Feb 27 : Ram Kapoor took a bold step when he decided to lock lips with co-star Sakshi Tanwar for a sequence in "Bade Achhe Lagte Hai" and surprised everyone. The actor is happy with his decision and says he will be known as a trendsetter.

    Ram had already set a trend when he appeared in the romantic drama as the lead despite being overweight and with grey hair. In "Bade Achhe Lagte Hai", which runs on Sony, he is married to Priya, played by Sakshi.

    Ram said, "I was very open to it. I am a trained actor and it's my job to justify it. The minute I was asked to do that, I was okay with it.

    "I have tried to handle the scene in my own way. Before going ahead, I only asked myself, "If I was 40 plus and newly married, would not I kiss my wife?" I got my answer and I went ahead. I am happy that I will be known as the first actor to kiss on TV," added the actor.

    In real life, Ram is 39 and is married to actress Gautami who is very supportive.

    "My wife is very supportive and she understands that it's my job. But as far as I am concerned, I will do such scenes only if I am convinced about it," he explained.

    His resent resolution is to shed extra pounds that he has gained.

    "I will lose weight, but not for the industry. Amjad Khan was known as he was. The industry has accepted me the way I am and still I am getting some good roles regardless of my weight issues," said the actor.

    "But I don't want to tell my fans it's good to be fat. I do want to lose some weight for my children and not for my career. And as I had always said, my wife is my first child," he added.

    He is doing the daily soap and also hosting a cooking reality show and the two projects keeps him on his toes, but Ram is not complaining.

    "I am not stressed, but it's hard work. I love my work and it's not stressful for me. Luckily, my family understands me and knows whatever I am doing, it is for them. But thrice a year I take them out," said Ram.

    Apart from TV, Ram does films also and currently he is busy promoting Y-Films' "Mere Dad Ki Maruti", which is slated for a March 15 release.
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    first actor or first panda ??
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    i think bahoot pahle neena gupta and aur dileep dhawan ke beech ek smooch scene tha ..koi ZEE tv per serial aata tha

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    Kareeban das ya barah saal pehle ek zee tv pe serial aata tha ussmein smooch scene tha.

    MOta panda paglagya si
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    Campus & Banegi Apni Baat on Zee Tv

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    i think saans serial me tha
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