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Thread: Suggest a good book publisher

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    Default Suggest a good book publisher

    Hi Mam,

    I am reagular reader of your forum, and its the best one on world Internet...You are really doing a good job !!!

    Same way plz help me out, my question to you is, I am an event manager in Dainik bhaskar group's Divya Marathi newspaper and simultenously I have written a book on Hesitation called "Enemy in Me", which is been read and review by well known editor Mr. Kumar Ketkar, who is our nespaper's state head. I want to publish this book, but I dont know the process of publishing a book and which publication house is the best and trustworthy? plus i want to know is there any chances of being copied, if i send my book material to a publisher...???

    Actually I am very confused so kindly suggest me with your expertise...

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    Thank you for the nice compliment and congratulations on your book, which sounds really interesting. Now about a publisher- there are many national level publishers- Rupa, Shrishti, Penguin India- and you will be able to find many more if you just browse. You need to send them a synopsis of the book including three chapters (if you contact them, they will tell you what their requirements are- changes from publisher to publisher, but this is the usual requirement). There are also many local publishers that you can explore.
    Bona fide publishers really don't copy material- that's why they ask for a few chapters only.
    Best of luck. Do let us know how it goes!

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    I think u are in Mumbai . u can check these guys --they are good too .
    Magna Books Publications and Book and Publishers.

    Contact details:
    022 67091234
    Magna Publishing Company Ltd‎ 100, / E,Magna Building Bengal Chemical House,Old Prabhadevi Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025, India

    I feel Alive ... Its Awesome

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    Don't know if its OK to use names in this forum... sometimes it sounds like people are endorsing some brands' and services industries' name, although they actually are not.

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