There are many people who consider women as cheaters. But, this is only because of their own mentality.

Such people can be divided in two categories. First, those who are cheated by a woman who, unfortunately, had two or more failed relationships in her past. Second, those who are constantly dumped by many women.

Men tend to blame women on the basis of their personal experience. They judge this world based on their experience they got from their past. Sometimes, this experience is right but it is not the case always.

Let’s talk about the first case.

Why does a woman cheat? Women are very loyal but they have got certain responsibilities in the society. They might ditch their love just because they cannot afford to spoil their parents’ dignity. They might have any other reason for that matter.

It may be that you are not that caring anymore as you were when you proposed her. It is possible that she felt that she was being treated indifferently!

Well, there are a very few cases when this happens as a result of cheap morals or a grudge against someone.

Now, let us have a look on the second case. What happens when a man finds himself a victim of a woman who cheated him? His ego is hurt because he feels rejected. He ends up putting the entire blame on the girl.

But, it does not mean that all women are like that. It is just that these men were attracted to those women who tend to cheat. Well, this is not a fixed rule but a lot of theories support it. People try to make many relations and each time, they find that they are ditched. They blame the woman but never consider the fact that it could have been their mistake as well.

Whatever may be the reason, one should bear in mind that every women is unique and and that the patience and tolerance in a woman has no match.