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Thread: In dilemma about partnership in business

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    Default In dilemma about partnership in business

    I m a guy of 25 yrs a friend of mine who is very clever gave me a business ideas and I followed his idea and it was successful too while i implemented but later he said to me that he used me for the shake of implementation of business as he didn't had enough time and he don't want to risk it so don't mind and i m sorry for that he said .......i was shocked and became more suspicious about him than ......since we have a good busines which is making good return but i doubt is this man worth trusty i dont know than we are good partner now but i look upon his suspicious eyes very confused to continue my behaviour towards him i dont know plz

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    Hi! I have not quite understood what the problem is. have you invested money that he is cheating you of? Exactly what is the issue here? please do let us know in greater detail.

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    Just business, nothing personal. If you don't feel like being friends with him, then just keep it to the business. To trust someone in business is different than trusting them in real. So keep your eyes open and you will be all good. Remeber that you are in this good running business just because of him. I hope this business of yours is legal and ethical.

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    Well you should make your own way... You should not trust anyone so easily in business.. Do take a lesson from it...

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