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Thread: Is She out of my league?

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    Default Is She out of my league?

    I'm a 24 year old guy n there's this girl who used to live in my locality who i've recently gotten in touch with again. She's the a very pretty girl and i've had a crush on her forever. I live in a different city from her right now and we're in touch through whatsapp and mobile for the last two months... I'm pretty average looking but have a very dark complexion coz i'm south indian. At first we two hit it off a lot with chatting long hours thru msging and she calls me every 3-4 days whenever she has the time. But recently she's been giving me the cold shoulder, not too enthusiastic about talking to me as she appears to be busy all the time and i have no idea why this has suddenly happened. She's single right now but has a lot of male friends too.
    She's always said that she's impressed by my intellect because i'm from an IIT and got selected into a top IIM too this year, she might be moving to the same city where i'm going to join for MBA next month. I plan on proposing to her when we meet there but i feel that the recent behavior of her is because she's realized that i might have feelings for her. Any ideas on how i can regain her interest coz i've never been that good with girls before and only had a gf for a 3-4 months before this girl. Should i distance myself from her a little, by not returning her calls that often or chatting less with her ---or should i msg and call her more often and risk being thought of as too clingy.

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    You, with your intellect and qualification- and you think that any girl is out of your league? Don't be crazy dude- take a look at your achievements and get you sense of well deserved self worth.
    Look, its a different matter that she may or may not have romantic feelings for you- that's an individual thing, but you are a guy that any girl would love to go out with. So, while I hope this works out for you, but if it does not, its certainly not going to be because anyone is out of your league!

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    Not to deter your trust in people but there's no doubt you're a contact to keep and the sooner you learn that the better for you. Out of IIT and IIM you are quite likely to be rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest and powerful people wherever you go. So no one will try to displease you unless absolutely necessary and I suppose that's what brings about the whole confusion - as you cannot always distinguish real from fake.

    Anyhow, in case of this girl I would suggest you to spend some time with her before proposing her. There is no formula to decipher a person, every individual is different and you will have to spontaneously react to situations as they unfold. It is a good thing that you guys have stayed in touch but there is a lot of difference when you physically meet someone and actually observe their day-to-day (or as regularly as you can) life and behaviors in several situations, issues, views and so on. So if you end up in the same city - as you said in your post - hang out with her as much as possible and then follow your gut.

    Lastly, I suppose you're a bright individual so don't be let down if someone turns you down based on your color. You seriously don't want to be stuck with someone who cannot look beyond color,race,creed,etc. Be confident and be yourself, you never know what the other person likes in you.

    Good luck.
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    don't stop answering her calls or ignore her texts..but if you think that the girl isn't interested,don't let your feelings'll end up being hurt..

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    When she moves to your city, start hanging out with her, ask her to come for coffee or lunch with you, if you find a good chemistery with her, then propose her. There is no question of being in your league or out of it. Leave it on her to decide.

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