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Thread: The Lords On Wheels - Auto Rickshaw Drivers

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    Wink The Lords On Wheels - Auto Rickshaw Drivers

    Let me ask you, the reader “What is the most majestic vehicle that you have seen on the Indian roads?” and I challenge you to answer that with anything other than the auto-rickshaw. So majestic is its aura that it had to be created in a league of its own – not a four-wheeler, not a two-wheeler but a three-wheeler carrier reminiscent of the chariot of yore. The auto-rickshaw is undisputedly the national vehicle of India (no, the moped is only a distant second) and their masters the national drivers. The Michael Schumachers and the Fernando Alonsos of the Indian roads, they can easily beat anyone on those F1 circuits just as they repeatedly do day in day out on our very roads. If you don’t believe it just watch them squeeze an entire auto into spaces where you and me can only set a foot in. And if you thought driving a Nano and surviving it was a miracle, wait till you sit behind in a three wheel monster and your mere existence will seem a miracle. The traffic rules were never meant for them. In-fact the traffic rules should rightly be modified to- “Spot the nearest auto rick and follow whatever it does failing which you’ll automatically be booked under traffic rules violation” and life on road would be so much easier.

    The auto drivers are “The Lord” of the roads. Whoever said “First there is Rajnikant and then there is God” is hugely mistaken. Or he must have not felt the need to state the obvious – There’s first ‘The Lord” and then there is Sir Ravindra Jadeja, Rajnikant and GOD and in that order!
    “The Lord” comes in various avatars. In Chennai its the most unforgiving one, letting the subjects know their rightful place in this world at every opportunity. The Bangalore ‘bhaiyaas’ are tolerant yet clever – they know how to extract whatever fare they deem right for their services from the common man be it through meter tampering, “meter ke upar bees” (“Give 20Rs over whatever comes in the meter”) or “change nahi madam” (“I dont have change madam”). The Delhi “autowallahs” maybe the least expressive yet equally clever and will take you to places and through routes that suit their fancy for obviously whats an auto ride without a tour of Delhi through all its ‘galis’ and ‘mohallas’.
    I think each passenger,once they get down, should head straight to a confession chamber and confess: “Forgive us Lord for we’ve sinned! We’re fools for we ought not know what we do. When u sit there scratching your bum and we, the lowly ones, dare to disturb you; we understand how hard it must be to turn and say ‘NO’. We demand you to take us to places you don’t want to go for obviously we don’t know better. And then when you, “The Almighty”, oblige us, we haggle with you to charge us by the meter and deny you which is rightfully yours- any amount of fare that you so politely ask. And how dare the ignorant souls ever think of undermining your supreme authority?"

    Let us all hail the “Lords On Wheels” on whose mercy we all are!

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    These autowalas...

    Go zip zap zoom.. Quite curvy.. Not a scratch.. They nugg anywhere.. Kururrrrr.. Kut kut...
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