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Thread: first date .. very nervous

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    my situation is very normal i guess, i am here looking for some tips and advice as i will be going on my first date ever. I am 22 years old and i am very popular in my university and i have a big friend circle as well. but when it comes to girls i am very shy, usually i am funny and spontaneous with my other friends and some girls that i know from school but when i come in front of a new girl or a girl who is pretty i am a different person and i dont know WHY.

    now it all happened i have a movie date with this new friend i don't know how it happened but it all happened over blackberry messenger. i dont want to bore her when she is out with me. please tell me how do i keep her entertain and what to and not to talk about on a date and i also feel after sometime we would not have anything to talk about. the girl is very sweet she will never complain about anything but i wanna make sure everything goes well.

    tips and advice would be usefull.

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    Movie date is not a good idea, you guys cant talk much. Also, it will be crowdy outside the movie hall. Anyway be spontaneous and ask her anything.. be yourself and you will be fine. Nothing fake or preperation is needed for a date.

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    never prepare..just let things go with the flow..

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    Hi! Don't worry about it at all. Be nice and natural and well mannered- you are going for a movie so you will have that to talk about. Just let things take their course and enjoy your movie date.

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    Just be the way you are. . Relax, full of poise and confident. . Respect her. . .and be gentle. . .your natural behaviour wil work magic on her

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    Hi, be a gentle man... take interest in her.. ask her polite questions & listen to her intently when she talks. Girls love guys who listen to them talk & who admire her... gently but subtly compliment her. enjoy her company. be natural.. & dont forget to take a chocolate box with you. ALl the best.
    Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

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    Philosophers, artists, writers etc. have all been studying it for thousands of years and men still dont know what is the RIGHT way to date or talk to a woman.

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    along with chocolate box a pretty rose have a nice time......

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