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Thread: Taylor Swift Grossed Out By Bieber!

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    Default Taylor Swift Grossed Out By Bieber!

    Her exes have routinely borne the brunt of her ire and Taylor Swift has now extended the same courtesy to her best friends' exes as well!

    Any relationship with Taylor comes as a package deal with a tell-all song at the end. And after 7 years and countless post-breakup chartbusters, showbiz has grown habituated to Taylor Swift's unique recovery mechanism post breakup. Her exes have learnt to make tracks in the opposite direction upon any chance meeting in public, and after her recent dismissal of Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards, it looks like her best friends' exes would do well to heed the same.

    Unlike most celeb couples who call it a day and leave it at that, Selena and Justin's ping-pong spree across the dating register has left us cross-eyed and her near ones miffed. And that is the best explanation we can come up with for why Taylor swiftly dissed Selena's (former) ex, Justin Bieber at the recently concluded Billboard Music Awards at Las Vegas.

    After bagging eight of the eleven awards she had been nominated for, Taylor's arms were loaded down with trophies and her face lit up with a radiant smile, which however vanished the instant a journalist posed a question about Justin Bieber during the media interactions. The Love Story singer looked annoyed at the mention of his name and bluntly refused to answer. And if you think that was curt, get a load of this: Selena Gomez and Justin, who had been seated separately for the awards, made up for the momentary separation with a very public clinch backstage. Taylor looked positively grossed out by the PDA, and as a dozen cameras watched in disbelief, she went ahead to stick her tongue out at the duo before walking off!

    A popular gossip blog reports, “Taylor hates Justin and wants Selena to have nothing to do with him. It seems that Taylor’s dislike of Justin comes from her love for Selena. Taylor is probably skeptical of their relationship because she doesn't want her friend to get hurt again." Eager not to get caught in the crossfire, Ms. Gomez is apparently doing her best to remain neutral. The source adds, “Selena will remain friends with Taylor regardless of her dating Justin. Selena knows that Taylor is not a threat to their relationship physically and will overall make her own decisions.

    Selena is not going to make it an issue because it will become an issue if she picks sides. At the end of the day for Selena, she knows it is best for her to remain friendly with both, because the only times Taylor will really see Justin is during award shows. Everyone can fake that they like each other for a few hours when they are in those situations.” Well, while we all respect Selena's choices, should she ever need a shoulder to cry on or tips on how to write a stinging post breakup ode, we are certain Taylor Swift will be only too pleased to oblige!
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    this indicates, an apocalypse is due anytime

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