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Thread: want to forget my ex-bf,who was married

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    Exclamation want to forget my ex-bf,who was married

    hello mam,
    i am regular visitor of this forum. i request you to guide me as i am feeling helpless,,

    i am a 29 yr old girl. i was in love with my married cousin who is 34,,for past 12 years,,....i used to be a shy girl always studious. but when this guy met me, he started calling me up. i always used to reject him,,then one day he called me and confessed his love for me and talked about problems in his marriage,i told him to treat his wife good and we started sharing problems..

    then he started telling me that he didint love his wife and want me..,i rejected but after 1 year everything changed when he started getting physical with me,,i denied many times but he was regular visitor to our house and one day everything happned between us..after that he told me that he loves me a lot and will not leave me at all..i never asked him for marriage as i didnt want to ruin his marriage,,and i thought some day he will surely come out with a solution or i will never marry another guy,,,and support him..
    everything changed when his father died and he made me responsible for that and told me that because i didnt marry u, my father died...i was shocked,,,i tried committing suicide,,he left me then,,,but after 1 year,,he came back and apologize,,thn,,in 1 year everything changed wen he started telling lies that he is with me,,but he always talked about his family,,,i was completely shattered,,i asked him to leave me because if he is happy thn i dont want to interfere,,

    but my problem is that he doesnt want to leave me,,he always keeps check on me on facebook and taunts me that i have affair with my friend..i am feeling helpless,,my mother wants me to marry,,,my best friend wants to marry me and i have rejected,,,,plz help me out..

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    Just cut off with him completely and get married with someone asap. Don't mess up your life more than this.

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    Look the more right you give to a person the more creepy he becomes. Just say to him that you have no right to see my life and comment on it. Look delete him from fb and if you can not delete him just stop listening to his calls. You are not his personal secretary that you have attend all the calls and what he says. Say to him you have no right on me. Look stand up for such jerks. He cheated you , he cheated his wife , his children and family.

    Next time he says his father dies because of you tell him no he dies coz you cheated him and his wife. you killed your dad. be firm and stay confident. be focused and marry a good guy. he was a cheap ., looser , coward ,bad father , bad son , bad husband , bad bf and a bad man. Say this all to him. you are a honest girl and just cut all ties with him

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    hey girl.. sad to know that.. but you should cut off all contacts with him... he has used you enough. and get settled with a good confident and move on. All the best

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    Dont trust this guy anymore!!

    Talk to your best frnd and discuss some of ur issues , dont go into detail.

    And you think he can understand you better then pls go ahead and get married.

    Dont be an emotional fool again , its just a waste of life.

    Be practical , this guy can leave you again ...dont waste ur life on him .

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    you are already 29..start looking for matches and get married..may be he would never come back if you get married to someone..after all marriage has to happen some make things happen fast...

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