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    Hello Preeti ma'am,
    Recently I have got a job as a Personal Assistant of the Chairman of a big industrial group based in Kutch,Gujarat. By qualifications, I am an MBA with majors in Human Resources. Now my problem is, being an HR guy, I am given a job as a Personal Assistant in this famous industrial unit. Should I go ahead with this job or not? Will it ruin my C.V? And if I move ahead with the job, what would I be ending up doing? Please be frank in your opinions, it could decide my fate.

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    Hi! So basically you have not got a job in pure HR but as a personal assistant to the Chairman of a big industrial group. Look, you have to see what are your options? Do you have another job lined up?
    the pros of this job are that you will be working and earning and you will have the brand of the organisation. The cons are that you are not getting a job thats really of your field, right?
    But what's to stop you from taking this job and changing later?As far as the job description goes, you should ask the HR dept to supply it to you. based on that, you can decide.

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    We don't know how much you need a job right now but if you think you are capable of getting something better then take a pass and look for something in HR dept in some company.

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    well i am also HR guy , i would say Dude see the market scenario is worst now , more over u r getting job as in personal assistant to Chairman so thats a big thing i would say , u will get to learn more , but yes u wont be doing core hr duties as u r specilized for it but to start go for it , i mean take the job , bcoz in India everywhere they are now asking for experience , for time being say 6- months 1 year u can do this job , depends on ur like too , more over getting job in HR is really difficult if you don't have any experience , u can get a consultancy job, which is not worth but really difficult to get in a company , for time being take the experience it will definatley help u for sure , and hr jobs are very less in market , its like over saturated in hr field , ppl from non hr background like bcom grad , bms , dual specialization ppl are also into hr so its like difficult to get job and competition is also more , so i would say better take any job which u like , which u think u can do , do it for time being , well this offer is very good , go for it , Best of luck , later u can apply for hr jobs , may be later u may continue this job or like it , so right now focusing just on hr jobs wont be right , u will be probably just wasting time if u do so , so better take the offer . and it definatley wont ruin ur CV , it will be good for ur career .
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    Rohan Murthy was a junior fellow at Harvard and he has taken up a job as an Executive Assistant. You can ask for a change in designation to Executive Assistant. It is an excellent career choice and a stepping stone to play a major management role in the future. There is tremendous scope for learning. You see things from the top. I would suggest you grab it with both hands

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    for u my dear friend my words are just same as ickon2004 n logical guru, literally they have stolen words from my mouth. You can leave this job only in two conditions, that you can get a job in future better than this sureshot ? OR you can prepare for a govt exam and crack it sureshot ? if u can do these things write now then Don't do that job Else take it, you know market scenario is bad in job these days

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    Why did you study MBA...?
    To get a job..?

    Why did you specialize in HR...?
    To get a good job..?

    Now, when you have a good job, why are you confusing yourself..? The basic aim always was to get a good job, which you got. You do not HAVE TO have a job in HR just because you majored in it.


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