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Thread: pregnancy issues and other problems... plzz help

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    Unhappy pregnancy issues and other problems... plzz help

    HI mam,
    how are you?.

    I m M 26 yrs old, wanted to ask you something, i hope u will help me out.

    I m getting married next month. We (me and my wife) both dont need child for atleast 2 to 3 years, for that
    i have to use condoms during intercourse, but i have heard that.. both person having S_ _ dont enjoy much using
    condoms while intercourse...
    and without condoms there is a risk of having child.
    so can u plz guide us, so that me and my wife enjoy our time without using c....m .
    My main motive is to get rid of wife pregnancy and we both enjoy our time fully and tension free

    2) what is normal time of ejaculation while intercourse? (for male)

    3) once i was watching a porn video on internet in which... a guy was a girl. He took his p...s out and girl was
    screaming (yes yes yes) shaking her vaginal area and suddenly liquid came out with force from girls vagina and girl's
    face reaction was telling that she is
    fully satisfied with boy.

    4) I have heard that girls enjoy much when someone licks or kiss their vagina area?
    but exactly in vagina where to ****?

    5) I told my wife that she should remove her hairs near vagina... she said that for this she has to wax.
    i told her to shave... she said that shaving and trimming cause blackness...

    (waxing thier is little uncomfortable and painfull for her..)

    is there any other way... that she can remove her hairs without any pain and fear of blackness

    ----> mam plzzz answer to my all questions respectively. Good day mam.
    waiting for your reply. thank you mam.

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    I wanted to reply but don't feel like it now, logging off.

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    Okay so honeymoon blues going on in your mind. All rosy rosy? First of all congratulations for your upcoming marriage.

    1) Some people prefer condoms and enjoy with condoms too. You should first try with condoms. If it is your first time sex then I am sure you will enjoy with condoms or what so ever you have. Make a habit of using condoms from the starting phase and you will be habituated using it. If you feel like not using condoms then you can use contraceptive pills (I cant tell much on contraceptive pills as i am having little knowledge about it).

    2) Normal time for ejaculation depends from different person to person. A same person can ejaculate in 5 minutes while he can extend it to hours.

    3) for your third query, it seems you talking about female ejaculation. You could better refer to sticky thread about female ejaculation on the main page of agony aunt.

    4) Again it depends from person to person about their sensitive areas. Some might get the equal pleasure while their neck get ****ed or say when kissed or say breast or say navel or say bla bla bla. You have to ask or find out the sensitive part of your wife where she can get the pleasure.

    5) It doesn't cause blackness and even if it caused blackness whats wrong in that. The pvt. parts are mostly black in colour.

    All the best for your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon.

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