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Thread: whats the reason behind not to talk

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    Default whats the reason behind not to talk


    I hav a female frnd, her engagement got broken due to some reason. She use to talk to me, share her things with me. I use to boost her up motivate her as she was getting negative about life. Last week she went on a trip with her friends to shimla for three days while coming back there car broke down mid way. I got worried so i kept on texting her as if she ok she did replied to those texts but since the very next day she is not talking to me.... wen i asked her what happned she doest give a proper answer to it.. just says she wants to be alone. but before goin there she was talking to me normaly infact during the trip as well we use to have chats..

    what should i do now...

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    Give her some alone time man, you are thinking too much. For sure you have nothing better to do.

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    She is just a friend right?

    Then let her come up with an answer. Dont run after her for an answer like a media journalist.

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    she is ur frnd.. but ur restlessnes is like she is ur gf .. keep ur feeling and expectations like a frnd only.

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    Some times, simple a girl and a boy friendship is misunderstood by a boy. Boys always try to show over concern to a girl (as a friend) as if they are their bf. You are trying to much to peep inside. Give her a space and let her be alone if she wants it that way.

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