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Thread: Indian Actors & Actresses ... Real Height

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    Wink Indian Actors & Actresses ... Real Height

    for all you non believers here is how height is ment to be measured,

    Ask someone to help you measure your height. Then go and find the following:

    * a measuring tape (just make sure it's one that measures centimetres if you want to calculate your BMI);
    * a pencil that has been sharpened;
    * a ruler or any other horizontal bar or rectangular block of wood or plastic that isn't too thick.

    Keep these items close by.


    Amitabh Bachchan- 6"3 (original height-6"0)
    Vinod Khanna- 6"0 (original height-5"10)
    Shatrughan Sinha- 6"1 (original height-5"11)
    Akshay Kumar- 6"0 (original height-5"9)
    Jackie Shroff- 6"0 (original height-5"11.5)
    Bobby Deol -6"0 (original height-5"8)
    Sunil Shetty- 5"11.5 (original height-5"9.5)
    Sunny Deol -5"11 (original height-5"7)
    Anil Kapoor -5"11 (original height-5"9)
    Akshaye Khanna- 5"9 (original height-5"6)
    Salman Khan -5"8.5 (original height-5"5.5)
    Saif Ali Khan -5"8 (original height-5"6)
    Govinda -5"8 (original height-5"4)
    Shahrukh Khan -5"8 (original height-5"6)
    Rishi Kapoor- 5"7.5 (original height-5"6)
    Amir Khan -5"6 (original height-5"5)


    Sushmita Sen-5'9.5" (original height-5"8)
    Pooja Batra-5'9" (original height-5"6.5)
    Tabu-5'8" (original height-5"4.5)
    Sonali Bendre-5'8" (original height-5"5)
    Shilpa Shetty-5'8" (original height-5"5.5)
    Aishwarya Rai-5'7.5" (original height-5"6)
    Sridevi-5'7" (original height-5"3)
    Rekha-5'7" (original height-5"4)
    Raveena Tandon-5'7" (original height-5"2)
    Karishma Kapoor-5'6" (original height-5"3)
    Madhuri Dixit-5'5" (original height-5"5)
    Juhi Chawla-5'5" (original height-5"1)
    Kajol-5'5" (original height-5"2)
    Mamta Kulkarni-5'5" (original height-5"0)
    Urmila Matondkar-5'4" (original height-5"1)
    Twinkle Khanna-5'4 (original height-5"2)

    Popular Indian Acting legend. He says, "I'm six feet,. They've got to look up to me"

    Here is the picture of Hrithik standing along side John Abraham. If you use a ruler to draw a line from John's eye level, you can see that John is actually taller by a good inch (possibly even more) than Hrithik. John is a model, and having studied the profession of modelling, they cannot bluff about there height. Actors however, have that option. Here is the link below. Copy it.

    no way in hell is abhishek bachchan taller then big b. john looked taller and shorter in the movie than big b. in real life he is shorter by an inch here is the pic

    post more.....

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    Wink Tom Cruise is 5ft 11 (Real Height 5ft 6.2) inches Tall - 8th October

    post more.....[/QUOTE]

    I was speaking to an American friend today. He tells me that he once got stuck with a Spanish actor in an Elevator...that's funny I said, we call them lifts in Britain.

    Anyway, I can exclusively reveal that Tom Cruise is 5ft 11 tall. I have tracked down the conclusive evidence, and we have it here at our disposal. No longer can the press call him diminutive or short. Study this image below. Tom's more or less on the same plane as Ms Katrall, the line adjusts slightly for this fact. Consider that Kim is standing pretty tall, Cynthia has a slight hip sway going on, which loses her 1.5 inches and Mr Cruise is standing pretty straight himself. Now, if you check other sites you'll see Cynthia listed as 5ft 11, Kim at 5ft 10 (this site downgrades them slightly, well ok, more than slightly ;-) ).

    But lets entertain those heights. Remember, Cattrall at 5ft 10 already has an extra inch on Tom's approximate 1.5 inch flat soled-shoes. This means that Tom is walking tall...he's either being reading up on Kimi, has taken a course in spine and cartilage stretching exercises or may have changed his diet. Without doubt though, we cannot argue with this fact - he looks 5ft 11. There is no Lord of the Rings camera perspective shenanigans going on in that picture; he really is taller than 5ft 10.5 inch Nicole Kidman.

    But, my memory needs jogged here - didn't I already research Cruise and come to the conclusion based on seeing various photos of him beside 5ft 7.5 incher Spielberg that Tom was looking (give or take 1/4 inch) directly into Spielberg's eyes, not 'down at him'???

    Well, it's certainly amazing how much Tom has grown these last few years...I'd love to know what he's being taken to make him grow so big! Or maybe, just maybe, Tom has always been 5ft 11 and its the Press who've had it in for him these last 20 years, and simply picked a height out of thin air and it's stuck? Well Tom, if you ever read this, keep walking tall. You have CelebHeights to thank for putting those naysayers in their place. But, at this rate I fully expect you to hit the 6ft 2 mark by 2010 and the 6ft 6 mark by 2020!

    Initially from the above picture I would assume, given Alex is in baseball trainers, similarly with Tom that Cabrera was around 6ft.

    Well, the american baseball sites have him as 6ft . Doing a bit of digging, his official club statistics have Alex as 182cm or just about 6ft . This measurement is most likely based from his medical, properly measured with a stadiometer (a doctor's device known to make grown men cry - even some women - when after being measured realise they've been overestimating their height for years and blame the equipment for being faulty, or don't realise that height can decrease.)

    ...did Tom forget to wear Shoes (See this below image you understand.)

    Post more....
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    Wink Tom Cruise is 5ft 11 (Real Height 5ft 6.2) inches Tall - 8th October

    post more.....[/QUOTE]
    ...did Tom forget to wear Shoes (See this below image you understand.)

    Post more....

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    Default Hollywood Shoe Lifts


    Hollywood Shoe Lifts

    Do stars really wear shoe lifts? Aren't they satisfied with their god given height? Well, I dug up an old quote from the crooner Bobby Darin who reveals what many of us know - shoe lifts have been around since forever:

    "I went out and had these special shoes made. It's nothing new, I don't know if you know, John Wayne is 6'4 and wears 3-4 inch lifts in his shoes. I don't know who he wants to be bigger than, but he does and it's an old, old custom, I certainly did not invent it. In my case, it was more neccesary than it was for Duke Wayne. I had these shoes made and 2 to 3 inch lifts inside and the heel was another 2 and half inches or so and I walked around that way, wherever I could without falling over"

    In this photo , there isnt much difference ...

    Robert Mitchum corroborates the fact for some reason Wayne wore lifts to make his already large 6ft 4 size appear giantlike. In the book Hollywood Wit, Mitchum is quoted as saying: "Wayne had four-inch lifts in his shoes. He had the overheads on his boat accommodated to fit him. He had a special roof put in his station wagon...The son of a *****, they probably buried him in his goddamn lifts." Even a short article by the WENN entertainment network commented upon Russell Crowe and his alleged elevator shoes, "He wears special shoes to make him look taller. Russell had women falling all over him at a party in producer Jerry Bruckheimer's back yard - until he took his shoes off (and) suddenly lost several inches in height - because (he) had lifts in them. Partygoers say Bruckenheimer nudged Crowe, telling him, "Put your shoes back on, you're blowing your image."

    An article from Copley News also reveals that an Italian shoemaker has a few secrets about stars and their heights. Regarding Sylvester Stallone he says: "I made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!" and he drops names like Dolly Parton, Douglas, DeNiro and that "I give you one more -- I made William Shatner 3 inches taller in the show."

    Nowadays, elevator shoes are used by many stars. But you won't find many admitting it, if any. There was even one company who makes lifts ( that was quoted on their site as saying: "At our current location in the States we've had numerous security breaches. We have had several American media representatives trying to hack into our clients database and even intercepting orders." With standard 1 inch shoe lifts, they can fit in normal shoes, but stars have lots of money so can even get them designed in such a way that it is hard to tell an elevator shoe from a normal shoe unless you can see the whole shoe, which is usually covered by trouser. So judging heights is still going to have some margin for error as some stars will wear them most of the time, others simply won't care.

    Screenwriter William Goldman, in his Adventures in Screen Trade book: Which Lie Did I Tell, comments that "Movie stars are short...You see, stars have lifts in their boots....They have lifts in their shoes, their loafers, their slippers. I know one who has lifts in their socks. But noone has figured out a way to put lifts in their feet (yet)"

    Similarly, when a star mentions their height, do we really know if they are telling the truth? Thankfully some hollywood stars couldn't give a toss about their height and will happilly divulge the information in interviews. Others tip-toe around the answer, whilst some may even lie about their stature. Also consider that many stars will have been measured when they're 20 or so, some probably in their shoes and you can bet any that are, for instance 5ft 6.5 would round that to 5ft 7. Like a publicist who will round down a ladies weight, I think many would be tempted to round up an inch or so for shorter stars...

    Brad Pitt's height is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

    American actor from Se7en, Fight Club. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. He has written his height as 5ft 11 aged 24. It is clear he can look taller, in a lot of photos he looks 182cm. Even Clooney reckons (from USAToday) "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating". He does have good posture and holds himself like a 6 footer, but then who knows about his footwear.

    Look at the heels, Mr. Mrs Smith

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    Wink How to Measure a Celebrities Height


    How to Measure a Celebrities Height

    To know the height of a celebrity (particularly those new to fame), you must have some reference heights to compare them with. When watching a DVD keep an eye on the stars and look in particular for shots where they are standing together and aren't far apart. Even better, if you spot a shot where their feet are also in view, this makes it far harder for any director to fudge height differences by placing one star on a book for instance. You might notice that certain stars (no names mentioned) rarely have this type of shot in a film...and I wonder why!

    Another good comparitive reference to use is the world of tv talk shows. In Britain, for instance, we have Jonathan Ross at 6ft 1.5 and Michael Parkinson at 5ft 10ish. In America you have the Jay Leno (5ft 11), Conan O'Brien (6ft 4), Dave Letterman (6ft 1.5-2) and Craig Ferguson (nearly 6ft 2), and for smaller comparisons you have say Jon Stewart at 5ft 6.5ish. Usually these hosts will stand up to greet their guests, giving you an opportunity to compare their heights. But bear in mind that with the bigger guys like Conan they will sometimes bend and look down at their guest, and therefore their guest will be 'looking up', meaning the difference in height between their eyes will give an illusion they are closer in height. So don't be fooled and keep your eye on the top of their heads!

    Some talk show hosts have developed specific camera angles that maximise the height of their celebrity guests. Others might also stand in certain positions (and poses which can give the illusion to viewers that the star is an inch bigger than they really are - for instance, when Nicole Kidman was doing a publicity shot on Parky's show she took off her shoes to look a bit smaller!. There's even a rumor that slanted platforms are used by some shows...the greeting area is tilted in such a manner, that it makes the host appear an inch smaller and his star guests an inch taller. On Jonathan Ross show, his interview zone is 4-inches shorter than from where the stars first appear and walk to greet him - on occasion he has kept stars on the raised area and shook their hand to make them look a bit taller.

    One other method used a lot is to compare celebrities beside people of known height, like for instance, nfl footballers. The NFL Combine measures players very accurately and so this provides you with a guage to judge celebrity heights against if you spot them standing beside footballers in photos.

    So, you manage to spot a celeb beside somebody but have no idea how to judge what 2 or 4 inches difference is...well, it's not as hard as it might appear. For an average face on an average sized body (i.e Orlando Bloom, though some might say extraordinary face) there are 2 distinct reference points where, when celebrities stand together, you can use these facial points to judge height differences.

    * From the top of someone's head (excluding hair which doesn't count when measuring people) to the middle of their eye equates to roughly 4.5ish inches. This is assuming the head is not tilted but it's a good guage. If the head is tilted down a little it can look around 5 inches in photos with hair aswell.
    * From the middle of their eye to the bottom lip is around 3 inches.

    These are my general estimations, based on my own rough measurements. Of course there will be slight variations from person to person. A guy with a huge hooter might have a larger eye-to--bottom-lip length (say 3.25 inch), and a guy with a big forehead might have a larger eye-to-head measurement. Then you have guys like John Kerry! In photos consider a 6ft male's head will look roughly near 9.5 inches.

    Here is an illustration (you can buy this poster sans the height marks from allposters).

    Another point to consider when comparing heights is shoes. Most men's shoe heels are in the 1-1.25 inch range (heel+insole/cushioning), with women's heels being in the 2.5-3 inch range offering them an inch and a half advantage over men. Many celebrities will never admit to it, but famous people have the luxury of buying expensively fitted elevator shoes that to Average Joe might look like a normal shoe, but in fact gives the wearer an extra 1.5-2 inches in stature. When you're a celebrity, that can be the difference between appearing 5ft 8 and looking 5ft 10. There are some female celebs who are never seen out of heels and a good proportion will regularly wear 3.5-4 inch heels at events and film premieres, cementing the illusion that they are far more statuesque than what their true heights would suggest.

    A reader (Raz) recently sent in his own alternative of measuring that looks for specific objects beside a star in a photo that can be used to then guage fairly accurately that star's height. For instance a can of coke, a CD. I've used this a few times and it is another way to measure but extremely hard to do properly.

    Hopefully, armed with this knowledge you'll be able to far better judge the true heights of celebrities. When in doubt, ask CelebHeights!

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    very nice thread

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    pagal h kya tu...........givivg wrong information............

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    Default Wrong Data

    Amitabh Bachchan - 6"2 Atleast, Taller than Akshay Kumar and John Abraham
    Vinod Khanna- 6"0 + Compare with Amitabh Bachchan
    Akshay Kumar- 6"0 or 6'1"
    Jackie Shroff- 6"0 or 6'0" for sure
    Bobby Deol -6"0 (Salman,Shah Rukh or Saif might be 5'8" not bobby deol)
    Sunil Shetty- 5"11.5 --- MIGHT be around 5'10 or 5'11", (Seen him in real)
    Akshaye Khanna- 5"9 (He is around 5'9" or more)
    Salman Khan -5"8.5 (original height-5"5.5) -- Maybe
    Saif Ali Khan -5"8 (original height-5"6) -- Maybe
    Shahrukh Khan -5"8 (original height-5"6) -- Maybe

    Pooja Batra-5'9" (original height-5"6.5) -- Not Possible, shes more than 5'8"
    Tabu-5'8" (original height-5"4.5) -- NO WAY she is one of the tallest, 5'8"
    Sonali Bendre-5'8" (original height-5"5)-- NO WAY she is one of the tallest, 5'8"
    Aishwarya Rai-5'7.5" (She is 5'7" as it was mentioned in the Miss World Pageant)
    Raveena Tandon-5'7" (original height-5"2) -- Are u kidding, does she luk 5'2" to you.

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    Default Amir is 5'5 with shoes

    Aamir Khan is 5'5 with shoes so would be about 5'4. He is as tall as Kareena but with shoes. Man most of ur info is wrong. Pl give right info to people as there as many short/below averaged people like me. I'm 5'5 bare footed. The one who are above 5'4 dont be underconfident bcuz Aamir, Rahul Bose, Arshad Warsi and Tandulkar are all of your height.
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    This is ridiculous......

    Away from God, away from happiness.

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    if true

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    awesome man, cool thread

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    Default Can anyone tell the height of a girl in the following pic

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