I started working almost 4 years back and till now Ive not grown technology/learning wise in reality. Its just on paper that my years are increasing. And even that is not respectable enough to be confident inside and get praise/money outside.
My first manager said "Something is better than nothing". I think this has become a motto my life will be based on.

To go into a little bit of detail: when I joined as a fresher I was put in a technology called SAP. Its certification is 5 lakhs plus after 30 days of training and usually people learn by hands on experience. Even a reputed organization like *CL, I didnt get many opportunities to learn because:-
1. Theres less work in India and more employees. Rarely are people "so busy they could kill themselves". They may say that but they wont share any work with subordinates. Everyone wants to showcase how much they work.
So they didnt teach me anything hands on or gave me any work.
2. If I think that Im a loser who couldnt extract work from them, the best way to extract was to talk to the manager. But they didnt show any initiative.

Either I ended up fighting with a senior or fighting with the boss coz they broke the rules all the time and if I did something to offend them I was out. I rarely got great appraisals. But thats ok.

I studied so much theoretically based on issues that were coming that I am flooded with info that didnt come to hands on use.

Now after almost 4 years I found another job in a power based company (non-IT) which had SAP work. Thats a sarkari environment vis a vis infrastructure as well as office politics which is bigger here. The manager is non-SAP person who is rarely in her cabin. The experienced person in my technology isnt taking any initiative to make me a userid forget about knowledge transfer.
If I repeat the same anger I showed in *CL in new company Ill surely be fcked worse. Its been a week and no ones helping me.

I see people my age doing millions of things education wise and career wise and I have no support at home (financial or advise related) that can mentor me. I see them going on holidays getting married smartphones etc and Im still stuck in this hell hole. Maybe the issue is astrological but is it all my fault? I tried mailing people to get what theyre supposed to do, sitting with head down the whole day, asking managers but nothing works. HRs in India are a joke so escalating to them is laughable.

The problem is manifold. Something is better than nothing is a sarkari philosophy with chalta-hai-yaar attitude which I cant understand....
1. Either I fight for my rights and get bad appraisals and comments.
2. Or sit back and wait for managers to give me bad appraisals as I dont take initiative.
3. Or show middle finger to this indian IT environment of office politics and go for higher education/change of country (dont have any financial or advise resources for this).