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Thread: Kyunki Ba is Dead

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    Default Kyunki Ba is Dead


    All are sitting in the main room and are mourning the death of Tulsi. Karan is shocked that Mihir burned all the photos of Tulsi and decides to talk to him about the issue at the moment. However, Tanya forces him not to do so.

    Ganga brings in the thali of flowers and drops it. Gayatri says that this is truly not lucky and Damini comments that the day when Tulsi left was unlucky and this has resulted in the dropping since Sahil has entered the house. Sahil comes in and is somewhat disturbed. Meanwhile, Tripti looks around the house and takes the blessings from Gayatri. Ganga gives the items to the priest and promises to Tulsi that her daughter will not give up in this fight and will remain strong forever and not cry for Sahil.

    Mihir wakes up and Tulsi is surprised. Mihir says that he was dreaming that Tulsi just left him. Tulsi says that she will never leave him, unless he kicks her out and then she will die. This was just a dream.

    Shobha comes in and starts to cry and cannot believe that Tulsi is dead. She cries and Abhi takes care of her. Shobha goes to Mihir and asks him why Tulsi has died and Abhi asks her to control herself.

    The priest orders for the male members to take the body away and all the women cry, especially Ba. Karan refuses Mihir to carry the body. Meera sees the scenario and says that Tulsi was indeed a good friend and that people like her do not come in this world often and those who bond with her are really special. She smiles evilly and leaves in her car.

    At the funeral grounds, Karan performs the cremation ceremonies, denying Mihir the job, on the grounds that he was responsible for her death. However, Mihir puts the sindoor on the dead body and starts to cry and hugs the dead corpse. The funeral is performed and the scene is over.

    At home, Ba and Karan comfort themselves.

    Ba tells Mihir that relations between them is over for good and that Tulsi died because of him and there is no longer connection between them. Mihir is shocked and Ba leaves. Mihir weeps in front of the empty frame, that once had a picture of him and Tulsi together.


    Ba does not respond when Mihir talks to her. Dead??? Seems to be so
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