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    Default Rules

    Rules for this section:

    By using this section of website , you acknowledge your acceptance and understanding of these rules below. These rules apply to all communications made in this section of the site. Non-compliance with these rules will mean posts are edited or deleted, users actioned with warnings, infractions or bans.

    Reasons for the rules

    Our goals is to encourage fair and constructive discussions that deal with facts and opinions without flaming, name-calling, or personal insults. In that way you may dispute what other users post but not attack them personally for their opinions or statements.

    "Intelligent discussions, debates, differing opinions and sharing of informative materials is welcomed. To make the platform lively, friendly and entertaining, personal attacks on others through racism, trolling and offensive name calling will not be “tolerated".


    1. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts / threads will be deleted.

    2. Multiple or repeated posting will be deleted.

    3. Please do not create one single thread for one single pic. Post related pics in the related threads. If a new thread is duplicated then it will be added to the
    existing thread without any intimation.

    4. Private messaging, emails, or posting threads in order to advertise, promote, or solicit any product or services are strictly not allowed. Such links and posts will be deleted immediately and the user will be banned.

    5. Nudity is Not allowed in this section as well as in the Forum.

    6. Please use clean web hosts which do not advertise excessively and are completely pop-up free .

    7. When posting images do not post only the links. Post a thumbnail of the image which is linked. Threads which violate this rule the thread will be moved without any information.

    8. We do not promote Uploading of movies, music or software, same will deleted without warning.

    9. Members are requested not to decorate Thread Titles. Thread content and proper title is more important. If found will be edited /deleted suitably.

    10. Members are also requested to use either small letters or capital letters to post. A mix of capital and small letters in each word affects readability. If found will be deleted without warning.

    11. External links are not allowed


    12. While debating and discussing, please avoid rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts.

    13. Any post deemed offensive will be edited / deleted without WARNING.

    14. Personal attacks (like name-calling) on other members, people, countries, or political institutions is strictly not allowed. Maintain respect and calmness towards fellow members. Profanity, swearing insults will be dealt with severe punishments. If you find any posts which are offensive, please report the matter to the moderator immediately.

    15. Keep political & religious discussions civil. Attack ideas, do not attack the people who hold them. In other words, address the context of the post, not the poster.

    16. While we do allow political figures to be referred to by fairly common, polite nicknames, but the type of insulting name calling that goes in many other online political discussions is not welcome here. Do not insult, belittle, mock, goad, personally attack, threaten, harass, or use derogatory nicknames in reference to other members or groups or members.

    17. Any controversial / sensitive news title should have a valid source of information and produced when asked for. Failing which, suitable actions will be taken by the moderators.

    18. Trolling in between an ongoing debate is to be avoided.

    19. Don't expect to convince a political or religious opponent by citing opinion pieces or biased "factual" pieces from sources generally considered to be strongly aligned with one political/religious group or another.

    20. This forum is not an appropriate place for blatant political campaigning.


    21. Search threads before you post so that there is a valid source and no duplicates are created.

    22. Debate the topic in a healthy manner and stick to the topic. While relative examples can be stated but any deviation far from topic will not be allowed and suitable actions will be taken.

    23. Take a look at your message before you post it. It if reads like children taunting each other on the playground, please revise it as you will only make a fool of yourself (and perhaps get into rules violation trouble) if you post it.

    24. If you are flamed, do not respond in-kind. Alert any moderator of the situation by utilizing the report button. Do not report another member out of spite.

    25. Flaming/Trolling: “Flamebaiting” is making statements intended to cause an angry or emotional response/flame from the person. Another form of baiting is known as “derailing” or “thread-jacking”. This is deliberate act of making statements with an aim of diverting the topic of a thread significantly from its main focus. These negative forms of baiting constitute a rules violation that can potentially lead to warning/infractions or bans.

    26. Hate Messages - Hate Messages delivered via threads, posts, signatures, or PM's are forbidden at sbf forums. The Moderator Team defines a hate message as any willful wording intended to ridicule, debase, degrade, intimidate, or incite violence and/or prejudicial actions against a group of people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion. Determined violations of this rule will be subject to incur an immediate infraction or ban. Posting links/images/words to any website deemed by the Moderator Team to contain hate messages will also constitute a violation.

    "I'm always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught"

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    New Rule:

    Copy pasting of extracts from religious books without any reference to the topic and drawing conclusion with an intent to degrade or damage the reputation of ANY religion is strictly banned hereon.

    Religious books hold outmost respect and has huge sentimental emotional values to followers and it should be respected at all cost.

    Such activities will not be tolerated and s
    trictest of actions will be taken.
    "I'm always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught"

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