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Thread: Father who tortured ‘rapist’ to death says he didn’t mean to kill -

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    Default Father who tortured ‘rapist’ to death says he didn’t mean to kill -

    “day after a father tortured his daughter’s alleged rapist to death, he told police that he did not mean to kill but could not bear that his pregnant 14-year-old would find no justice.

    “I burned his genitals once, he screamed. I did it again, he shuddered. When I did it the third time..he did not move. He was dead…I did not want to kill him,” the 36-year-old father has reportedly confessed. He tortured a 45-year-old medicine supplier after he found out that the supplied had allegedly raped his 14-year-old daughter and made her pregnant.

    I burned his genitals once, he screamed... I did it a third time. Then he did not move

    Also Read: Man calls daughter’s ‘rapist’ home, tortures and kills him, say police
    After he realised that he had killed the victim, he sat next to the body weeping.

    He then went to the police station to surrender, police said on Sunday. The supplier lived in a rented accommodation in the same building as the father and often took care of his children. The accused has six children, four of them daughters.

    “A man came to the police station around 4 am on Saturday and confessed to murder. A team was sent to the scene of crime. The body of the supplier was found on the bed, with his hands and mouth tied with a towel,” a police officer told Newsline.

    “The victim sustained burn injuries on his private parts and stomach. The body was sent for an autopsy,” the officer said.

    During questioning, the father told police that he had called the supplier to ask why he raped his daughter. However, the father said, instead of feeling sorry, the victim started to use offensive language. Angry, he tortured him with hot iron tongs, police said.

    The father told police that he found out about his daughter’s alleged rape only a week ago, after doctors at a local hospital informed him about her being pregnant. “She started complaining of morning sickness and dizziness. We took her to a doctor and we were told that she is pregnant. We were shocked,” the mother of the girl said.

    The 14-year-old reportedly told her parents that the supplier took her to his room and raped her while the others were away. “She stopped smiling. She stopped eating properly or going out with her friends,” the mother said.

    Police said they had recorded the father’s statement and taken him into judicial custody.
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    Bahot hi acha kiya....

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    Dearly sympathise with the father. He’s going through repeated anguish. First the discovery of pregnancy, the rape, the destruction of his daughters life, then the dishonour and now the manslaughter charge he will face. When he goes to prison his family will suffer no doubt. That is 6 punishments rolled into one. Not that it is an excuse to take the law into your own hands.
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    Well done !!! hats off to her father. Law wud hav given just 7 yr imprisonmnt at the most n in tht too 50 baar bail mil jati.
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    i think father's actions were justified
    the way government and society deals with rape victim, people are left with no option
    either take law in your own hand or watch criminals laughing over your misery

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    Well Done,

    The Justice is done pass out the message loud and clear every ******* who even thinks about rape should know this story

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