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Thread: Cow urine can cure cancer, That’s what a BJP member claims in RS

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    Default Cow urine can cure cancer, That’s what a BJP member claims in RS

    New Delhi : Cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely, BJP member Shankarbhai N claimed in Rajya Sabha while pressing for stopping cow slaughter.“If you want to save yourself from cancer, there is a need to protect cows on a priority because cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely. It can cure cent per cent. I can vouch for it. Nobody wants to hear this,” he said while participating in a debate.“There are many uses of cow dung and urine and can be put to use to treat even severe diseases like cancer,” he added.Describing cow slaughter as “a sin”, the BJP member said “in Vedas, it is said cows are like mothers. Some people want to slaughter cows to feed themselves. What has happened? If cows are not protected, nobody can save the country.”
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    This is just communal politics. There are lots of cow roam here and there on roads eating plastic and waste. Why not protect them.

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    These are personal beliefs, they fall under the ‘faith healing’ category and even if we do not agree or respect the concept we should respect the decision the individual chooses to make. All faiths have something that seems bizarre to the outsider. Sikh’s drink amrit, Muslims on haj throw stones at the devil, Christians drink wine as the blood of Christ, Hindu’s do not spare either. Lets learn to agree to disagree with others beliefs but at least respect ‘personal choices’
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    Agree with Lisbon, Let them drink urine if they want to, their beliefs and we should not meddle with it.

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