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Thread: Cannot sleep due to active brain

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    Hello friends
    I am a programmer and I am unable to sleep for more than 1-2 hours due to an active brain. I get a scenario to perform in office and most times I am unable to do it right away. In programming we get a users requirement and we need to find ways to fulfill that request.
    For example, we have our data coming in and user wants a new field to be added at programs end that contains values after being compared within the database and/or from some other database.
    Such scenarios and how to do them eat up lot of time at office and when I come back from office my mind does not stop. I have anxiety and if that scenario is not understood or completed in my head then I am unable to sleep.

    I keep going back to the computer to try programming again and again. And even when forcing myself to close my eyes, the scenarios keep running through my brain.

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    Hi! that is seriously less sleep that you are getting my dear. You're going to have to train yourself to sleep otherwise you'll end up burning yourself out.
    Look, try working out- physical workouts energise you and clear your mind
    Try meditation along with the workouts
    If you smoke, stop- try avoiding alcohol too close to sleep time.
    If nothing works, visit a doctor. maybe he will prescribe some non habit forming medication to help you sleep.

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    Buddy, get a life outside work. Hang out with friends in the evenings, do movies, watch some tv, restaurants.. whatever takes ur fancy. This will help your brain to switch context. Also, tell yourself, you were not born to solve programming problems, this is just a profession.

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    It is all because you are totally engrossed in your work.... hence in your subconcious mind you see the same.....
    better would be to do some activity before sleeping that will take you away from your office work........

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    regarding programming, I have gone through this in my life too. I do programming now too as a personal hobby, even though my job does not require it. All geeks are like that. its in your blood, then why fight it?

    now about the sleep, do some exercise and you'll automatically be tired enough to sleep.

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    You are working too much (because you are made to work too much by your current client/project/requirements/responsibilities/team environment/project criticaity), you need to take active breaks on weekends and not work more than 8 hrs a day and not code more than 4 hours a day. Change your employer if needed.
    You never know what you can become ..

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