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Off course his mother was involved. But did he involved his father too? No, right. So why drag him into this. And by the way who are we to discuss anybody's sex life. It's their private matter. They will discuss it. And why do you get so upset. Did I say anything to you that you are telling me 'if you don't get this then please don't do that' and all. It was a peaceful request, wasn't it?
Peaceful Request.. YES .. but again Did I Use any harsh words in reply, Telling u to Try to understand the reply than jst assuming is wrong?? Dude.. that too was a suggestion to Read my First Reply and Get the HINT of what I Meant.. Jst getting emotional in everything isn't wise enough.. I was jst Citing with the possibilities..

Let me Explain:
His Condom wrapper was found there where his Mother use to keep her things.. RIGHT?? I jst Said, may be she thought her husband might have mis-placed not her son.. so she may be keeping mumm.. Anything wrong?? Isnt that a Possibility??
If he had told his Parents were Divorced then; my reply would have been Harsh or Rude... But he Didn't.

AND Be Clear with the Fact... I Was no where NEAR TO BEING UPSET WITH UR QUESTION.. U again are Assuming it .. Hope the SMILEY will help this time :P Cheeeeeeers