Hi. I have a very long story come doubt please read it out in full . and clear my dilemma. Since I had donated blood . many times before . and usually get shave andand hair cut in saloons . I had a doubt of exposure to HIV t get it cleared I went to govt hospital to where the lab technician took me to lab . where I found ttwo strip kind of thing may be of previous visitors blood samples . Using which the test was being done . he took a pin to Peirce my finger usually as I do. I closed my eyes to take pain. Before which he had already opened the same strip from new pocket . he took it to draw the blood from my finger. Since the blood was not sufficient he pressed my finger to that strip . while all these things happening I was still with closed eyes I was only able to fee what he was doing.later after 30 min he gave the test result saying its negative but my doubt is since I was in closed eyes
What if the person had used touched the old strip erroneously . I am not blaming that someone will do purposefully . its all becuae of my anxiety . I get nightmares like he had touched the old strips which contained blood . to my finger which had my tender blood along with pin hole he made.hence exactly after 4 weeks . I went to private lab where they did eclia test . which read out 0.235. And the reference range was 0.9 . they gave its negative . but why its not 0 and less that .and is it common for all ppl who didn't had exposure also . and will the concentration of the antibodies will differ with organ from.where the blood is drawn. Do I need to get tested again considering that govt hospital test scene as scenario . or can I be relaxed . I many times think like I am getting obrupt thoughts . please please help me to come out of these confusion s . I dont want to keep getting tested . I have started doubting each scenarios I am coming across such as having food in restaurant s small scratches wounds etc .