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Thread: need advice!! urgent

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    Default need advice!! urgent

    Dear Mam,

    I am 26 year old unmarried male, but have a gf. without wasting any more time, let me come to the question..
    i started masturbating since 7th class (when i was 12 year old). as a matter of fact, I accidentally did it when i was laying upside down and rubbing my semi-***** penis against bed. as i had no idea about if and i enjoyed the feeling and kept on doing it. slowly i became addicted to it and started doing it many times a day (9-10 times, sometimes even more.. i am not joking ,,seriously)..
    in 1st year of my college, i learned the right way of doing it and also learnt that i am doing it over, so tried to control it. i lost my virginity to my gf when i was 21 years old and we made love several times.
    i want to admit that it did not affect my frequency much which was still 5-6 times a day. later my gf shifted to another city due to which this frequency rised again. now i have controlled a lot but still i do 2-3 times a day sometimes 4.
    i am afraid if masturbating this much will affect my sperm count. if yes, can i regain my spermcount if i stop masterbating completely (i know it is difficult but can do it).

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    It won't affect the sperm count. If you reduce the frequency, sperm count per ejaculation will be more. If you do it a lot, it will be less or even zero till you continue doing it a lot of times a day.

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    it only affects temporarily...your balls are continously producing sperms, so there is unlimited supply. if you wait for 1-2 days, you have near peak sperm count.
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    masturbation is healthy nothing wrong with it. but good if you can find girl to have sex with if you are psychologically bothered by masturbating all the time.

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