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Thread: Parents not supportive about finding me a partner

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    Default Parents not supportive about finding me a partner

    I am a 30 yr old guy working in a MNC and looking for a working partner through arrange marriage. The thing is my parents are not supporting me and each time I select someone, my family comes up with some or the other excuse.. I have reached a stage where everyone in my office too have started asking me questions that when wd I get hooked.. I look decently ok, fairly slim, height 5-6'', earn triple digits a month and its unlikely to not get responses as I father suggested in initial 6 months... And when the other family visits, my mother does some or the other thing to irritate others such as getting into an argument that my son does what I say to him, Girl strictly would have to cook and take care of home..
    And in cases where things still went forward..
    1. In some my father didnt bother to talk to fix 1st meeting
    2. In Some, they said girl has bad dress sense.. see fb page
    3. In Some they said girl has pics with boys, wine glass in hand.., boys commenting on status..
    4. In some- I dont like her parents.. her mother is too bossy...

    Even after all this, they keep telling me, select a girl and we would agree.. At this point of time in life, I have little hope of getting a gf..
    Have spoken to parents on being more considerate and yet I see no change at all.. There are no elders in the family alive whom I can reach out to..

    Now, I have a serious match where both girl and I have said OK..and my father is retd but works as external consultant where he keeps travelling over weekends leaving things high and dry.. My mother says house is getting renovated so we cannot call anyone.. I am guessing the other party wont keep up to this very long..
    This is frustrating and irritating.. What would you suggest?

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    Hmmm...yes, I see what you mean. However, since you know the tendency of your parents, maybe its time to force their hand and take matters in your own hands. Firmly tell your parents that this time you are determined to not let the match fall through. Invite the family to a nice restaurant- ask them, in your mother's presence to your home, saying its getting renovated but they are welcome. Basically, you can take this forward even if they resist it for reasons best known to themselves!

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    Just take a stand and get married with any girl you want. Leave your parents no choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by o00 View Post
    Just take a stand and get married with any girl you want. Leave your parents no choice.
    agreed. these issues are short term, marriage is for life. if you have chosen the girl, go for it no matter what...
    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    if girls are drinking and with other boys you should take that as opportunity. you dont need to marry so early go ahead n have some fun

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