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Thread: Out Of This World Facts About Space And The Universe Itself

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    That's great...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohan_j View Post
    Stud bhai, wonderful explanation. Lekin, for things to shrink to a point requires Gravity. Without Gravity, there won't be another Big Bang. But now results are coming out. Results shows that Galaxies are not only moving away from each other, but also they are accelerating. This is something that contradicts the usual Physics. Body/bodies while in motion also dissipates energy. So, it should slow down while moving further away. And then Gravity will come into picture. Then we can expect another Big Bang. But this is not what is happening. They are accelerating away from each other. This has put scientists in quandary as to what may be the reasons behind this. This is where String theorist say that they have an answer for this behaviour. Which according to me might be a plausible reason. Now only thing left is to test the theory. So, lets wait and see. This is my view.
    That theory was based on Einstein's theory of relativity which concludes universe expansion would stop at one time.
    Nevertheless you see , Space has powers to abandon physics. Accelerating Galaxies viz expanding dark matter with ever fasting speed could lead to two possible universe death :
    1. Death of stars and Galaxies due to its all energy consumption , almost 0 volume of Gases into space .Even our own Sun has its own life and eventually it will die one DAY . Which would make the universe a never ending dark tunnel further consumed by Black Holes.
    2. Maximum Stability aka 0 Entropy when all opposite forces would settle for good .Nothing would move.Space time eaten by Black Holes.Again.

    Whichever way we go , Black Holes would play a key role in this and at the end of the universe there will be single Black hole.

    Regarding Big Bang...... it is quite possible the single black hole would shrink to almost 0.You see black holes look small , yet capable of gulping entire galaxies .

    Can't really answer. It is the same question "What is beyond or at end of the space ? "
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    very informative!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesiCasanova View Post
    that's smthing new to me...never read any article related to it....thnx..time to google...

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