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Thread: Office politics amid a new organization change

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    Default Office politics amid a new organization change

    My group underwent a major re-org recently. Previously, we engineers (ranging from freshers from grad. school, 2-3 and 5-7 yrs exp.) were under senior engineers (20+ yrs of exp.) and it was all going good -work was getting valued and managers knew who's doing the actual work so no one could take credit for someone else's work. But now they got a senior manager and a bunch of junior managers under him, all with 0 tech. knowledge and all the engineers are under him now. The previous managers (aka senior engineers with 20+ yrs work ex.) have moved outside the org. of this new senior manager. Now this new management steals our achievements and showcases it to top management. The previous managers (aka senior engineers with 20+ yrs work ex.) don't bother and are in cahoots with this new senior manager in all this. As a result, we engineers are getting ill-treated, given too much work and no recognition causing dis-satisfaction and growing sycophancy within the team to please the new junior managers and the senior manager -all of them who don't value strong technical leaders (as they're insecure of them) and value sycophants more. Also too much is expected out of us, so that the junior managers get promoted. Its like we all engineers, the whole team is working for the promotion of this new set of managers.

    I am a pretty strong mid-level technical engineer, I know my work in and out and wanted to grow to become like one of the senior engineers (who are known to the outside world, recognized and respected). We engineers have become like worker bees working for one queen bee, the senior manager.

    What can I do to change the situation? There's too much office politics and I want to enter the winning side and not continue in the losing side. I don't want to quit this company and this team. I want to fight the office politics along the new big guys and create a snake more venomous than theirs to beat them in their own game. How can I do this? I am a bit naive when it comes to office politics but I know I have to start entering the arena of office politics if I want to grow. Just working in my lab. and producing great results doesn't work any more as these results don't reach the top with my name on them. They reach to the top with the names of my manager along side. I can't reach the top management directly as they won't listen to me; they'll obviously listen to the crude management newly created for our team as the top management interfaces with them and not us. This has all been created by the previous managers (aka senior engineers with 20+ yrs work ex.) who are enjoying all the show and pulling all the strings behind the curtain.

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    OK, now listen...have patience and see how the land lays and how you can fit in. If you start playing the politics game, you end up being the loser. You are a good and qualified worker, and as such, your work will be valued. get to know first how the system works and how you can make it work for you rather than getting into a confrontational mode.

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    Switch your job.
    Preferably contact your old managers and tell them you are looking for a change. Move into the organization where your old managers have gone.

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    You dont 'change' the organization that you are working for, you actually change it (I mean make a switch).
    You never know what you can become ..

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    this is a free economy. noone is forcing you to be a worker bee. it is your decision to work and for that you are drawing a salary from the company. if you think someone is wrongly being promoted, talk to the senior guy. if he does not understand, leave. but stop complaining. i bet if your seniors are asked, they will have many reasons for why you are useless and you deserve to be where you are. so STFU and do your work. if you dont agree, then leave. but stop cribbing. or crib all that you want, but noones listening.
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