Home Based Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer - Rajiv Dixit
कैंसर (कर्करोग) का घरेलु आयुर्वेदिक उपचार ।

Cancer has widely spread its tentacles in our country and the world as well. New cases are coming up each year and allopathic medicine is no solution for it. There are simpler Ayurvedic remedies easily available at every home and one can apply it to the patient.

Therefore, a small request of Rajiv Bhai is to be remembered by all of us. “ Patients of cancer do not actually die due to the disease, rather they do die earlier due to the harmful allopathic treatment. The treatment given to the cancer patients is known to everybody. i.e Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cobalt Therapy etc. “ As a result of this treatment the immunity system of the body gets lost to a great extent. When Chemotherapy is administered to the patient the healthy cells of the body die along with the bad cells. Rajiv Bhai could not save a single life already been subjected to Chemotherapy treatment. But the reverse also happened.

The second and third stage cancer patients came to Rajiv Bhai without being subjected to Chemo and they were saved. One has to spend an enormous amount of money for the treatment and it is beyond the reach of millions of Indians. Even if one affords to spend the amount the after effects are very harmful and one suffers from inscrutable pain due to the treatment.