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Thread: Have feelings for a girl in another affair

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    I am having hard time, I used to love a girl and in my college I never told her about my feeling and even though now I am in job I passed out my college 4 year ago, I used to feel connected to her, I used pray for her, whenever I use close my eyes I saw her. but from recent past 1 month I don't feel that any more and now there is this new girl in my office, I am having same kind for her now, and I am very confuse now.
    Also I guess this new girl is having affair with some married man.

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    Well, so, what's the issue here? You don't have feelings for the first girl and the girl you have feelings for is committed to another (albeit married) man. So, seems like you'll have to wait for a third person to come along, right?

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    She is having an affair with ME and I dare you to challenge me and take her away.

    She is awesome, my friend and I may be censured if I post the details of how many times we do it on weekdays and weekends. We are even planning to do it on top of a ladder this Wednesday.

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    What's your problem?
    does the first girl know about your feelings? You never said that it was a relationship.. You were just saying that you loved her bla bla bla..
    are u sure that the second girl has an affair? Just get that confirmed.. And if she does, forget her...
    By then you will get attracted to another girl.. Say girl 3... And if u r brave enough, ask her out.. Or else watch how your attraction passes from girl 4 to girl n...
    Give people roses while they can still smell them. . .

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    having different kinds of feelings is a natural thing, nothing wrong with you...
    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    What do you want us to do? Help you breaking the affair that she is having with a married chap or go talk to the previous girl?
    You never know what you can become ..

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    I suggest having a threesome with both girls to clear the air

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    Well, so there are a lot of problems. The biggest one is you- yourself. So until this new girl came is your life, you were very piously in love with a girl whom you haven't seen in four years. Damn. And now you fell in love with this new babe who is doing some married man. Oops. And you are kind of helplessly feeling guilty. Guilty of not remaining faithful to the girl whom you have not seen in four years and helpless because you feel this new babe is out of your reach. WTF. So your problems are both the new girl and the old girl, the new girls problem is that she is having an affair with a married man, the married man's problem is that he is banging a younger chic with a wife already at home and the old girl's problem can be anything. Haha. Sorry man, just diffusing the tension. You know what forget the old girl completely. Wait for the married man to break the new girl's heart because once a cheater, always a cheater. And then make your move. I know a little flimsy but you can plan out a strategy bro. I know you can. And you sound like a good guy, so don't get disheartened and dipressed over little things. Relax. Breathe. And live.

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