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Thread: She's really torturing me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maneeshpingale View Post
    Well Neha, I somehow dont agree with you. How can you be so sure that sukrit18did only for getting physical without any love? Both are adults and mature, and had sex with well being aware of the consequences.

    It could also be possible that the girl was very sweet initially in order to pull the boy in the relationship. During the initial phase it is not possible to judge the nature of the other person, so the boy could have agreed to be in relationship. Now when he comes to know about her real nature, he wants to pull out. What is wrong here?

    Quite possible absolutely agree with that you just cannot judge on that basis .... but unfortunately its the present mindset that only the guy should have done something which should evolve in the sense that both the genders equally have the tendency to make mistakes......because when they are attracted to each other initially they only will only look to impress each other unconsciously.....when you get to know them as a person is the time when reality strikes.......
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    Isn't it the story of every young couple.
    You go to bed before knowing each other well.
    Then if the girl ditches-- The Boy is wrong.
    If the Boy ditches-- The Boy is wrong.

    This may sound illogical but that's how System works in India.

    She also Enjoyed sex. She was also in rush to jump into Bed. And Now Blackmailing....

    She sound manipulative, like she can behave however she likes...

    Tell her to change herself... If She is not capable of change............... Than you know, how to handle blackmail.

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    Go for someone else

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