I am going to be 27 now and still a virgin. I think I am getting desperate to get laid now.
I recently got out of a relationship with a rather sexy girl and we both had even planned to go about it. We had done some stuff bt nt sex. i found her very immature and kiddish and knew there ws no future. I called the relationship off before something further happened. The possibility of sex was the only reason i could hav stayed longer but if i had done it and then would have left her, it would probably have been wrong to her. Although both of us wanted sex but probably she had an emotional reason to go for it and mine would have been purely physical (as after all the fights and immaturity on her part, i felt disconnected emotionally. I actually felt sad for her immaturity.)

So my question to all the guys who hav had multiple partners is that how do u go abt it? How does casual sex work? Isnt there a possibility of the other person expecting more out of it and in process getting hurt?

Am i overthinking? I am actually a noob when it comes to all this.

I am decent looking (neither very very attractive that a girl would want a one night stand just coz of my looks n physique nor that dull that no girl would want to be with me). I am intelligent, well qualified, have a decent career, am a semi professional guitar player, an ambivert. I can totally hav a girlfriend but making a girlfriend just for sex would nt be the right thing to do as i may hurt the other person in the process.

I have all kinds of fetishes that i want to fulfill now. I cant really wait for the 'One' to come to my life. I am already a lil late to lose it i guess. I always thought it would happen on its own eventually but it didnt. I really want to have a lot of sex but i dont want to hurt anyone in the process. I sometimes feel i should go for the hooker route as both of us would know what we are there for and there would be no emotional hurting.

I also think that i should do all of it rite now as my future partner may or may not fulfil all my desires and that may (nt sure on this one) make me wanna hav bangkok trips. I really wouldnt want to cheat on my future partner. So i guess i should hav all the fun rite now. 😬