Dear All,

its a bit long story.. i have been in relation ship with a girl before marriage (1 year) due to some circumstances our relation did not ended in marriage. she got married first and after one year of marriage i also got married.. after 2 years i contacted her and we became friends again.. like wise we spend times by sms and call... like this we have spend 4 years.. we realised that we are still in luv with each other. she has a baby girl and i also have a baby girl..
i took a decision that i will leave my wife for her and will marry her.. one day i checked her moble and she used to call her husband luv and sweet heart etc. when i confronted her she replied that she forcibly sent txt to her husband else he will doubt her etc etc etc... i was hurt badly that she is planning to leave him and marry me and behind my back she was texting him romanticly i felt cheated. i have taken the decision to leave her.. n now she is emotionaly blackmailing me that she will commit suicide. i aware she does not have the guts to commit suicide.

I need an advice is my decision to is correct or NOT.