My mother was looking for alliances for me. I posted a profile on a matrimonial website.
We got one call... and the girls father came to meet us alone first at our home. I was ok with it.

After that we were called to a restaurant and then left there. The girl was ok but I was not 'into' her. She seemed very bold and looked like she would fight in 2 seconds.
But I gave her my no. So we communicated on phone for 1-2 weeks... I was mostly in office or at home.

The girls father called up my mother to know the answer. She said no. But now the girls father is threatening us that they will file a case of 420 and molestation on us... or else marry my daughter. I am scared!!

Ive heard that theres no proof required from girl's side for molestation. I dont want my life to get ruined. Please help... please please. I didnt even know the name of the college she studied in i was so disinterested... how can i molest her.