Good Day maam. I am 29f. I m a working girl nd have been married for a year. My husband is good as a person. He takes care of me, never says no to me and in a way my marriage is perfect. But whn it comes to bed I am finding it hard to satisfy himm. I m not very expeeimental there and he is. He always tries new things believing it would spice it up. I agree but sometimes I don't like a few but he is not accepting a no. He always says that if he is so caring and loving then can't I do only this much for him. I agree. Altho things like anal and all are not my thing. A few days back he asked me to try watersports in bed. I didn't knw what it meant so read about it. I was shocked and disgusted. This time I said a final no. He got angry and since that day he is not talking to me properly and things are not alright. What should I do maam?