Hi, my story started with consoling my girlfriend, when she was in relationship with her boyfriend of 2 years. she use to cry , uninstall whatsapp and put weird dp's when she had a fight with her bf. she is my colleague (different departments). s, I approached her through whatsapp by saying that u have a pretty face but ur face looks pale and sad these days. so she told me that she is having friction in her love story as her bf doesnt care for her and takes her lightly and gives more value to his family and friends. so, we started meeting, I motivated her by saying that ur family, friends and I we all care for u so just be happy.motivated her in all my possible ways. One fine day, I told her that my family has seen a girl for me (lie) and m going to meet her. she called me lots of time and asked me not to go and also asked me to see her immediately. I went their and she told me indirectly that m getting worried dont u get a sign?. at night we confessed that we both love each other. I told her but ull not be able to leave ur bf, she said give me sometime i will leave him. in between her previous bf came to meet her she didnt tell me but I saw them. I kept her pressing her to choose either of us. now the current scene is whenever he comes ( he is not in same town) I let her go and meet him. Whenever he calls I ask her to pick up his call but she tells him that she is with some other girl. Her bf doesnt have a clue about me. She told me that I discuss each and everything with you but not with my bf. She also said few things-:
1.I tried but i cannot leave him as I am emotionally attached with him
2. TO me she said- lets stay normal without any relationship
3.I respect u, I love u, I cant live without u but I cannot give u any commitment.
4. Dont have any expectation from me as I am not sure about future.
though we meet regularly. We also fight because I have some insecurities like when she talks to him, messages him and meets him etc.
She calls me saviour as when she was going mad over her bf I took her out and now she doesnt get mad when he fights with her. I am getting very attached to her , I think of her all the day though she gets irritated because of my this behavior.pls suggest what should I do.