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Thread: How to stop fantasizing?

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    Default How to stop fantasizing?

    I'm 23 year old and never had sex. forget sex I never touched a woman. Now I feel horny everytime. I start developing feelings for all the girls. I know this is wrong and I want to stop. I'm not a stalker and I want to give women respect. But everytime a I see a girl I start fantasing. please help.

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    Hi! Well, this is a natural hormonal reaction of a person in his youth. Its good, however, that you have your fundas in place and respect women and know where to draw the line. As far as the fantasising goes and how to stop it----well, increased physical exercise and tiring yourself out physically towards the end of the day should do it.

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    ever heard of a thing called it as your urges demand. daily or thereabouts is normal, it doesnt affect anything. in fact it has many benefits, one of them being helping you focus on your tasks.
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    You are normal. Try to divert your spare time on athletics.

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    crossed your age. Remember how it felt being alone. Watching girls like they were spaghetti ... lying all day on the roof top watching clouds in the blue sky. fantasizing about these girls i knew. Wanted to be in a relationship. serious relationship. Waiting for something to happen.

    Masterbating is solution for like an hour. What will you do than ? will you do 2/3 times a day? No buddy. make friends. get hobbies like, shooting pools, chess, badminton. etc. watching funny tv soaps... JUST KEEP YOURSELF BUSY.

    More you masterbate faster you start to ejaculate. So if you want to do so. Do it in a discipline. like twice a week.

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