Hello evry1, i'm a 33+ yrs unmarried male. i was in a relationship for last 6 years with one of my friends. But she is married. Actually almost 7 years ago she was going through a vry bad time with her hubby & nothing was going right between them and she used to cry a lot. Being her most close friend she used to share evrything to me & also would before me. I used to console her & slowly we came close to each other. In 2010 i proposed her & she responded positively. After that we started to love each other & used to have sex quite frequently. She got job in another city & i used to go there & would spend useful time with each other. She loves me so much & i also love her. We spent over 5 yrs in this way. But the problem started in the last year. She underwent through galbladder stone surgery & i was there for only 4/5 days during her surgery as i had to join in my duty. Furthermore, my mom also does the job in her city & there were good relationship between them as my friend only. Oneday my mom told her something & she was hurt by that. She used to get angry with me evryday over my mom's saying & claiming that i didn't take care during her recovery period and would mumble the same thing evry time. I said sorry to her & did my evry responsibility. But she was not convinced. So i didn't talk to her for 3 months. She also didn't call me. Now for the last one & half years i'm trying to convince her but she doesn't want to talk to me. She blocked my contact no, from fb, whatsapp everything. I also went to meet with but was in vain. She hasn't yet got the divorce as her parents don't want it & her husband also doesn't want to give her divorce. But for the last 6 years there isn't any relationship between she & her husband as she was totally committed to me. I tried evry way to convince her. Even i talked to her & my moms that i want to marry her. Her mom responded positively but my mom was reluctant initially but i convinced her also. But she (my gf) isn't agree now as she was hurt by my behaviour & doesn't want to keep any relationship with me. But i really love her vry much & can't think my life without her. For the last one & half years i'm going through a vry tough time & told her sorry & to forgive me over thousand times. But she is stuck to her place. What should i do now? should i forget her which is vry tough for me. Please suggest.