I am in a relationship with the guy since 10 years. We are from the different caste. I never thought our relation will be in trouble as my parents were educated and thought if the guy is educated and well settled then it will be alright for them. But last year when my brother got married to the gal he loved, from the different caste, a kind of mahabharat was there. Then only i realise it doesnt matter how educated my parents are they will oppose if the caste is different. I am not so tough that I could make them unhappy and marry him. I am 29 years old and I am still avoiding my marriage saying I want to study more. But my mother usually tell me i trust u.. i know u will not do like my brother bla bla n bla.. I am too confused how to conveince them without hurting them. I am so upset that I couldnt focus on my studies. Leaving both is not an option for me because i have thought both ways. I sometime feel I will say my parents that i am not interested in marriage and will never get married or Say I am lesbian to avoid marriage. I dont know what to do?