Well, 10 years of relationship is a long time, if you are confident about the person that he's the one then don't back down. Caste and all are petty stuff. As far as Indian parents are concerned, they are obsessed with caste and religion. No matter how reformed and modern they might call themselves, when it comes to marriage the hypocrisy gets blatantly unleashed.

Its your life, don't let others decide it. I do comprehend the fact that you don't wanna hurt your parents, but logically speaking, isn't caste a petty issue? All humans are equal and what the parents are proposing is pure racism. Generally Indian parents are usually in their 60s or mid 60s when their kids get married, so technically they have 5 or 10 years at max. Anyways they will go when their time comes, but you would have to live a life which was built on irrational compromises. Is it worth it?

This is what I admire about Indian parents, they usually don't have much time left to live, but before dying they somehow manage to screw up their kid's lives... Usually they come up with same cliche ideas, that they will disown you or they would be dying soon.

I've seen so many people in my friend circle who were so perfect with each other. Unfortunately they had to part their ways because of their parents. The boy's father died and was cremated and eventually even the gal's father died and got cremated. These parents lived their life staunchly being admant about caste, at the end they just turned down to ashes and dust. Don't know where caste went, probably it passed on to their kids through that dust...

Anyways, whatever decision you make, just ensure you won't regret it. I'm not sure about afterlife, but practically speaking, you will only live once, think and decide accordingly and be firm on it, never regret.