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Thread: Affair with bestfriend's sister

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    its difficult to make decisions in present without knowing what will happen in future. but irrespective of that, you have to take your best judgement.

    in your case, i believe that your bf's line of thinking is what you should go with. the negative repercussions of your brother knowing later far outweigh the advantages of keeping him in the dark. in other words, you should be ready to live with the risks of him telling your family now, even if that means your relationship does not end up in marriage and you have to be embarrassed. just make up your mind and go with the decision. all the best.
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    Well, you stabbed in his back. you are not sure you want to marry his sis and you got physical with her many times. May be the lust was from both sides. But still we don't do this to our close friends. He trusted you and his sister. you both broke his trust.

    yes, i think you lost your best friend when you made first move on his sister.

    you shared your sexual desires and fantasies with your friend. and now if you will tell him. He will be unable avoid imagining you and his sis in sexual positions.

    It will shatter his sis image in his eyes. He will be mad at both of you. That is why the so called "sister" in this case is unwilling to inform. What will she say.... I hooked up with your friend and insulted our family in all all possible ways (n positions, he knows your fantasies).

    Last thing. Best Friend sister is OFF limits.

    Suggestion: If you plan on wedding this girl. Ask your parents approach in appropriate way to meet yr best friends family. But first talk to your friend he is ok with you loving his sister. Never tell what happened in vegas.

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    then what
    enjoy life

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