I am almost 29 year old male from India.

Ive tried to date women many times and I had nice relationships. But no woman wanted to share physical intimacy without hint or indication of marriage. Initially I tried faking it but then I was honest as marriage is a long term thing.

1. Do all Indian women wait till marriage to have sex?
2. If not, then do they express sexual desires/share intimacy with men who lie to them?
3. If yes, then should I do it too? I dont want to be ruthless/brutal... but marriage is a long term thing and in this day and age its not necessary that only with someone I wish to marry will I be allowed to have sex with.
4. I see a lot of young couples/kids these days roaming around and losing virginity. Are they all lying or in a dream world? Did I miss the chance as women of my age or 1-2 yrs younger are all into marriage.... so they eat,sleep,wakeup marriage.