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Thread: Frustrated with New job, trapped in new city

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    Default Frustrated with New job, trapped in new city


    A couple of months ago I took a new job in a city. Reasons were huge pay rise and better career opportunity

    I already feel trapped in the new job.
    Main reason to join this company was to work under the BOSS. Sadly the boss lost his previous company (he has 2, I work for the smaller one) due to bankruptcy/investors pulling out. 50+ employees sacked in 3 days, yes 3 days.
    Now his sole focus is on my smaller company, which should be a good thing, but the guy seems delusional. He is forcing the smaller company to work, or he desperately wants it to work, we are cutting so many corners for the product, jumping from step A to step Z, without going through all steps. My other colleagues who have been here much longer want to quit too. They say that boss' attitude has changed etc. There are so many red flags. I thought he has built such products before but he is clueless. Besides I have hinted so many times that I will need more guys, someone experienced in this field to support me. I can do this as a solo act.

    Here is the situation:
    1) I have been in this company for about 3-4 months only. How bad would it look to change jobs without even completing a year. My total experience is less than 3 years. Another problem is there is no direct replacement for me. I don't know how willing will the boss be to let me go. Basically the whole product would stall.
    2) I don't like this city. It is just too small. My savings have been zero since I have been to the new city. The pay rise is gone into shifting to a new city etc.
    3) All this experience has made me homesick. I have been away from home before, for a year. Never felt so homesick. In fact I was a new country then.
    4) MY home city does't have good scope for my field.

    I just wanna know is it ok to change jobs within a couple of months?
    Should I just quit my current job and figure things out later? Should I convey my (and team's) feelings about the product and the whole processes being quickened up to my boss. My boss now acts like someone who has had a bad break up.
    Or do I just put up with it. After all it's a phase, both for me (life experience etc) and boss (his 6 years old company was shut in 3 days, he is bound to have some problems). I m thinking of diversifying my career, maybe do something in Six sigma (plz dont say MBA).

    Besides all this is the added pressure, this product will have to work for my boss' sake ( he really wants it to work, and if it fails, it's likely I 'll be blamed). This is not an IT/eCommerce product. Family pressure: Not that my family needs my money or financial support, but their insistence that I get married and settled. I have not conveyed that I am not happy with this job or else they'll stress out, it will open a whole can of worms.

    This is basically a rant, mid 20's crisis etc.I m closer to 30 than to 20. If anyone has been through difficult time. Had sudden change of career or please give me some words of assurance.

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    Well, hello! Join the gang! We've all been there, dude, at some point or another.
    Look, you can work it out any which way suits you best. It's perfectly all right to leave if you hate the job, but on the other hand communicating with your boss before you do so, may not be a bad idea. in his state of funk, he probably doesn't realise that he's in danger of losing his team as well.
    Doing a Six Sigma- or anything else to diversify and add to your skill set/ qualifications is a good idea. Looking for another job is an option. Sticking it out for a bit while you find that job/ study course, is probably wise.
    Not getting too emotionally involved with the situation, is probably the best way to be!

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    From your query, its not so much about a choosing exercise. it looks more to me like a damage control exercise. you have made a decision, and from the looks of it it wasnt a great decision. now you are looking to salvage the situation.

    whatever happened is sunk cost, its history forget about it. whats best course of action from here into the future? no point trying to save a sinking ship. if the boss doesnt see it, and there is very little you can do to make the whole thing work, then just quit. you can tell the boss clearly your reasoning. if he sees it, good but if he doesnt then its not your fault. maybe the boss is trapped and this is his only way forward. but you do have a choice.

    quitting after 3-4 months is certainly not a good thing. ut like i said above this is trying to control a situation from getting worse. a small loss is better than a huge loss sort of a thing.
    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    Just change it, it is OK to change if you dont like anything.
    You never know what you can become ..

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    May Allah bless you!
    "Don't wait for the Perfect moment.. take the Moment and make it Perfect."

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    dont change it at all.
    Reason - I have somewhat similar situation as you, I am working in a small cubicle in my own city. I have found my job unusual and low paying, in the starting the boss playing cool but later start showing his true self.
    With time he put me in over 8 profiles. So, every hour I need to work on different things. like sales // writing // seo // smo // design all goes under my.
    While other people are still working on their own profile.

    I was sick of it and quit the job (3 months)

    Now I am working as freelance, its really hard to making money and lost the experience.
    Don't change ...

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    U can call me. Share ur problems.

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