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Thread: Attracted to pretty girls but I'm married!

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    nice video .................

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    Quote Originally Posted by umang123 View Post
    It's so natural to get attracted towards other beautiful ones. Please if get the chance go ahead. Be a little flirty. Be a little naughty. But just one thing. Don't force or pressurize the other partner no matter what. Try to make clear to them that you are married. In fact it's my personal experience that here in India female fall easily for a married male. I make it clear to them straight away that our relation is because I find you attractive and won't leave my family for anyone, no matter what. Honestly I too love my wife deeply. But can't stop this urge. So if a female is ready, I'm double simple as that.
    what a sicko you are! if your own wife falls into category where she is ready if the other one is ready and lets see how you react to it!! I can bet any money that you'd right now be seething on this comment of mine and will come back with loads of venom but you need introspection dude!! other person's readiness doesn't mean you are correct! perv!!!

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