I have a gf and soon to get married.

After 10 years I came across my college friend with whom once I had open relationships and that too just for sex and nothing else.

Now she is also committed and me too committed.

She is ready to enjoy with me without intercourse.. She ready for only bj and hj.

I'm in a relationship with my gf since 5 years but her sexual drive is very low and she is depriving me of sex. She haven't yet given me bj or hj.. I just fondle her sometimes and then she is done and I remain deprived of sex since a long time. I love her though and will marry her soon.

Now my ex friend of pleasure is accessible. I tried very hard to keep away any physical intimacy with my ex. She started sexting but after 2 days i stopped that too..

I am starving hard and my libido is on high to enjoy with her as I m not getting anything from my gf .

What should I do? Should I go for one time event with my ex friend .. just foreplay and all? It has become difficult to control my libido now. Trying hard since 3 months.

We even met yesterday but I tried hard to avoid it and was successful in keeping away myself from this lust. Now I feel strong strong strong urge to have it atleast once before marriage.

Please suggest fast what should I do??

Note* Please do not advice to convince my gf to have sex or to talk to her to understand my desires as I tried it but was in vain.

Just advice on having foreplay enjoyment with my Ex-Friend. I could control myself to just foreplay as 10 years back we were not into intercourse... We used to pleasure each other only.