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Thread: Want to expose a corporate high profile guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryBird007 View Post
    Dear All. I'm writing this query for the first time. I'm sharing this for the first time with you guys. Without any drama I will come straight to the point. Its about a guy friend of mine in mid-40's. He is a software engineer by profession. He is settled in US and is working with Apple , at high position which I cannot mention here obviously for privacy reason. He is at such high position that he is rarely questioned of his ethics and other things. But when I had exposure to his professional world I was shocked to learn what he was actually upto. This so called high profile friend of mine is cheating Apple by working with another company part-time(possibly from home) which is also in the field of Technology/IT. It appears that it's the same company of which he used to talk about which was supposed to be started by his friends with their own money few years ago. A sort of Tech start-up. I was shocked when I saw this dark side of him because as far as my knowledge is concerned when you work for a company full-time like Apple you should not be supposed to be working for another tech company start-up or otherwise even if its part-time. Another thing is he has not received any promotions from last 5 years in Apple and his senior in apple is asking him to quit his job. Inshort they are torturing him to leave the office. When I confronted him about he holding two jobs at the same time he said he needs more money as he is not getting any promotions in his office and also has a goal to be a millionaire in US. But I didn't like this particular behavior of him. He was a gentlemen few years ago and now he is spoiled just because he wants to be millionaire. I had helped him out a lot when he needed me the most and because he used to hold ethics , honesty and loyalty above all life's relationships. These were his core principles back then. But now it's a totally different scenario. I want to expose him to his seniors in Apple. Because if someone from Apple finds out about him working with another company side by side not only he will be in trouble but I too will be dragged into investigation when they will come to know that I was aware of all of this. I don't want any headache for me at this stage of my life. I tried to make my friend understand that such a conduct is not good on his part and that he has a family to look after with a young child just entering teenage years. Since he was not ready to give up on his part , I talked to his wife and what I learned was even more shocking. After a long conversation with his wife I came to know that it was her idea first that he should be working with two companies so that they could quickly enter the ultra-rich bracket. She is having no problems with him working two companies at the same time. But I have got the problem because I'm also a Software Professional & more importantly people that know we are good friends and if something like this comes up or gets exposed on national TV , not only my company will kick me out but no reputed company will hire me for hiding such a thing for a long time and my prospect to work with some high tech company in future will be limited and my character will be questionable also. Hence I've decided to expose this friend of mine to his seniors. But I do not want to meet with his seniors directly instead write a letter or email or something like that. But am not sure where should I start. I checked internet to see where I can get apple company's email ID to inform them about it. But everywhere I see only the consumer complain ID for defective apple products. Do you guys know of any agencies in US private or government where I could report such a fraud? Kindly do not tell me not to do this to him. I know what legal options I have and the consequences of me not taking it forward. Please be detailed in your answers if possible. Thank you very much for taking time to read this query.
    i dont think anything wrong whts ur friend until he violates company policy n codes. like if in his contract/appointment he cant hold second position he is in trouble. secondly as a start up he might be working as investor which even apple/windows cant do nothing until he has signed any competing clause. i dont think it should be ur concern n he has not broken any ethics as far i think coz most of the companies are never true to their employees. so chill

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    Who cares? You sound like a jealous loser. It is his life and he is clearly doing better than you are.

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    You are just a mean and selfish person interested in securing yourself. How do you think those startups in Silicon Valley have come up? There is nothing wrong in doing something new while working in other company as long as performance is not affected. The rule you are talking about working with multiple companies is in India and not in US. You are just interested in yourself and that too when you are not at all in danger. No national TV is interested in how one employee in Apple behaves. Be mature and if you don't have the courage to support him, break the friendship.

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