Really need a good suggestion friends, My story started with a girl I like in Feb 2016. She was than my colleague. I use to notice that she use to be very sad and depressed. I made an effort and approached her. Initially we started messaging and I clearly asked her that are you depressed because of your boyfriend?. She denied having a bf than but letter told me yes because he does not care about me and we had 2 years relationship but now everything is not fine. I consoled her , gave her a shoulder to cry. One day, I told her that my family has seen a girl for me and I am going to meet her (that was a lie) . This girl started fighting with me and asked me to see her immediately. I met her she indirectly told me that she has a feeling for me. I came back. On 26th feb night during our conversation over phone I told her that see I am a very sentimental guy and had a very serious break up in the past and you have a bf so please don’t enter my life without leaving him. She told me that ill take some time and will surely leave my bf and I want to be with you. We proposed each other and we got into relationship. We use to meet everyday and enjoy our private time. One day, in March her mob was switched off for sometime and she had a plan to meet me at 3:00 Pm in the noon. As per my time I went to her PG and saw she was coming with her bf on bike. I confronted her and cried so much in front of her. She told me he forced me to meet him. I went back for 2-3 days I was not taking her calls. She tried we got in touch and again told me that I will leave him don’t worry. Than came April, Her bf’s bday month. She got emotional and on his bday told me I cannot leave him so lets be friends. I cried made , created a scene and late I told her ok lets be friends. She met me again and we had some intimate time together. Now the scene is she tell me everyday that she wants to be with her bf and if you can be my friend than only stay with me. I told her, I cannot be your friend because I have a feeling for you. She meets her bf and request me not to call her when she is with him. She talks to him but has told me that I am equally important to her. I do each and every work for her like- help her in office work, bring stuff from market for her etc. all the small things that a bf does I am doing for her. Still I get to hear that I am with my bf and cannot leave him. She told this to her and my friends as well and never accepted our short relationship in front of anyone. I am in touch with her mother as well. Whenever I want to discuss anything emeotional to her she doesnot have time and sometime gets angry on me. In her case, I do all the listening and work. She blames me for dominating the relationship and creating scenes (sometimes, I have fired my temperament on her). What should I do? I really Need motivation in my life.